Road Trip Quilt Along

 I thought it would be helpful to put all the links to the important stuff for the quilt along here!  If you miss a week, you can find the link to download the patterns in these posts.  Thanks for playing along with me!  


Fabric Requirements


Week 1 Patterns

Week 2 Patterns

Week 3 Patterns

Week 4 Patterns

Week 5 Patterns

Week 6 Patterns

Week 8 Patterns

Sashing and Cornerstones


Vivian Oaks said...

Hi Pamela,
I found your page this morning and decided to join your road trip, albeit a bit late. While going through the available posts, the blocks for Week 3 were not on the page when I clicked for them. It just said that the page wasn't available. I'd hate to miss a week's blocks. Hoping it's not to late to get them!! Thanks so much for your help!
Vivian Oaks
wvoaks at comcast dot net

Kresti said...

The patterns for both weeks three and four are not coming up for me, so I have not been able to download them, either. Same problem as Vivian Oaks, above. Thanks for the lovely patterns!!

Trish said...

if you guys can't get them and don't get a reply please message me I will forward!!! Offering because I know Mrs. Pamela is crazy busy!!! I have made several of the quilt along's!!