Sunday, September 10, 2023

Week Six of the Road Trip Quilt Along Day 36 - Florida, Flying Geese Block

Are you ready for another week for the Road Trip Quilt Along?  This is week 6, and we'll be starting our journey west this week.  Today's block is Flying Geese!

Not every state has a block that would work for this quilt.  The North Carolina Star is a little too complex for my purpose as is the North Carolina Lily.  Wild Goose Chase is also associated with the state, so I chose a simpler Flying Goose block to represent the state.  

We spent a restful first day in Florida.  We did some laundry and just enjoyed visiting with my brother and his wife.  We tried a boat tour at Wakula Springs, but the weather was a bit stormy, so we weren't able to do that due to the lighning.  The hotel there is so fabulous and we had a great time just looking around there!

Since it was also too wet to grill as we had planned, we decided to visit a barbecue place nearby.  It was delicious!

 It was a nice, peaceful day with conversation and just enjoying family time.  We also tried to encourage the shy cats to come out and say hello!  Just a nice pleasant day of downtime for sure!  Today's block is fairly easy, so you can enjoy some down time as well.

The three inch block.

The six inch block.

And the nine inch block.  The patterns for week six are ready to download below.  I hope you enjoy this weeks blocks, and the journey as I remember it!

Here are the first 6 weeks!  I'm loving it! Download the patterns to start week 6 now!

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