Sunday, September 17, 2023

Week 7 of the Road Trip Quilt Along, Day 43 - Artesia NM, Texas Star Block

Wow, I can't believe we are on week 7!  I have to apologize a bit for the coming week of blocks, I'm going to test your piecing skills for sure (I know I tested mine!)  Take your time, and they will come together, I promise!  Here is today's block:  Texas Star!

This block features quarter square triangles, so nothing new here, you can do it!

We started our day's drive on the road to New Mexico.  Another new road to explore!  I joked that this was a power day!  We saw lots of wind turbines.

Fields of solar panels were next.

Farms in the middle of the wind turbines.  I wonder how it feels to see them up close every day?  I wonder if you just get used to them being there?

And even oil dereks, still working away.  Texas must produce a lot of energy!

I love that it was easy to spot the marker for the border of New Mexico!  No way was I going to miss this sign!

Lots of these trees around Artesia, not sure what they are.  Some kind of fruit, I presume!  We also saw a huge oil plant as we came into town.

We saw some neat sculptures as drove through town.

Artesia seemed like a nice place - we stayed two nights since we wanted to visit Carlsbad Caverns.  My husband had been there as a child, so he was excited to see it again!  I'll show you that tomorrow!

Three inch block.

Six inch block.

And the nine inch block.  One of my favorite fabrics in this quilt!  It comes from the River Walk collection by Jean Wells for Island Batik.  Such a gorgeous collection!

Ready to download the patterns for week 7?  They are ready and waiting!

Download Week 7 Patterns here.

Don't forget about the Pieced to Perfection blog hop!  Lots of prizes available and inspiring quilts from the latest Island Batik Collections!  My post will be up on Wednesday, plus a new pattern!

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