Sunday, September 03, 2023

Week Five of the Road Trip Quilt Along, Day 29, New Jersey - New Hampshire Block

 Today's block is New Hampshire.  This is an easy block to make - a good way to start out the week!

We had the fun of spending the day with Nick and Naomi, traveling together on a shorter road trip! But before we left I had something fun planned.

Special Delivery of Nick's Quilt!  He really liked the one I chose for him as well!  Isn't it fun to give a quilt that is appreciated?  Now we were packed up and ready to head for Maine!

On the way we made a stop to see Exeter Academy, where Nick went to school!  It was a beautiful place, and we enjoyed seeing it!  

Our final destination was Ogunquilt, Maine.  Such a cute little coastal town!  The seashore there is totally different from ours here on the west coast! 

We found a spot to park and walked down to the shore.

Some people enjoying the weather!  

We walked a trail along the shoreline to get to the harbor, where there were lots of restaurants and shops.

We found a nice little place that wasn't too crowded and ordered our food - Lobster of course!  This Lobster Roll was delicious!

We got a nice picture to remember our visit to the Atlantic shore!  Our hotel for the night was in New Hampshire, and the following day was a driving day, so we got a good night's rest and were ready for more traveling!

My three inch block.

My six inch block

My nine inch block!

Week five blocks are available now to download!  We are halfway done, and ready to head back towards home.  Keep up the good work, we are getting there!  

Oops, that link didn't work earlier because I accidentally set it to hidden!  I've got it fixed now and created a collection so you can find all the patterns easily!


Anonymous said...

'Week Five Patterns" link does not take me to the week five patterns.

Anonymous said...

The link doesn’t work no matter how I try to get it open…

Julie in GA said...

The link for week 5 is working now, but it doesn't seem to include the 3" blocks.