Saturday, September 02, 2023

Road Trip Quilt Along Day 28, Acton Massachusetts, Maine quilt block

Today's quilt block is Maine.  This version doesn't show the color variation that distinguishes it from an ordinary variable star, but the larger blocks do.  

We mostly stayed close to home for this day, I enjoyed some time out on the deck!  The truck got a maintenance done on a seal, a slight leak was noticed in Tennessee and we thought it a good idea to take care of it during our stay. I'm happy to say that my husband's shirts that were left in Fort Worth were finally shipped and arrived as well!

They have a really nice large deck out back.  Several houses all have their backyards all meeting together, there are no fences, but there are trees and stones around each yard's boundaries.  It's really nice!  You have privacy, but it's almost like a park.  A great place to sit with a cup of tea to do your morning devotional!  When the truck was done we went out to lunch at a cut little restaurant with Naomi.

In the afternoon we drove into Boston to visit Piers Park with Nick and Naomi.  We found this park when we were here in 2019 for their wedding, and neither one had ever been there before!  It is a lovely place!

We missed our exit and took a short detour through downtown!  The park is actually on the other side of Boston Harbor, giving you a great view of the downtown area. 

There is a little lighthouse where we had someone take our picture.  This was an immigration port many years ago, so has interesting history, and several neat exhibits to take in as well.

Then we had dinner at Nick's parent's house!  It was wonderful, and we so enjoyed our visit with them as well!  Her backyard is like a beautiful park!  She is a very talented gardener!

Tomorrow we are headed north on a little side trip to get some Maine Lobster, and to enjoy another day with the kids!

The three inch block again.

The six inch block.  You can see the color variation here better.  The side units are simple Flying Geese with two different sides!

And the nine inch block.  This takes us to the halfway point in the Quilt Along!  I don't know if you are keeping up, but if so, you have 28 blocks made so far!  Well done!  Now we are ready to get to the furthest north point of our journey, then will be starting the route home.  Thanks for joining me in my memories of last year's long road trip!  Hope you are enjoying it - I know I am!

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