Friday, September 01, 2023

Road Trip Quilt Along Day 27, Bunker Hill and Plymouth, Flower Basket Block

Today's block is a pretty Flower Basket Block.  Just some half square triangles, but the assembly isn't quite as simple as most blocks.

Our first day in Massachusets, we were looking forward to a trip to Boston, and some sightseeing!  One place we didn't get to see on our previous visits was Bunker Hill, so that was first on our list.  

So amazing! And so tall!

The clouds were blowing, making it feel like the monument was moving when you looked up!  Such a pretty day out, and beautiful weather.

We paid a visit to our daughter's workplace, then got some lunch at a nearby mall.

Then we took a drive to Plymouth, MA,  The Boston skyline was pretty, too!

It's a bird, it's a's Superman!

Plymouth was a super cute coastal town!  It was nice to have sunshine and warmth!  The weather is usually quite breeze and cool at our coastal towns on the Oregon coast.

A replica of the Mayflower in the harbor!  They kind of have most of it blocked off so you will pay to go in and see the whole thing.

A view of the harbor!  So pretty!

Plymouth Rock.  It's not very impressive, is it?

Statues are fun to take pictures of!

And if you look down, you can find something interesting to take a picture of, too!

We enjoyed a stop to eat some ice cream, then it was time to head back for dinner.  We had a great first day and enjoyed ourselves immensely.  It was really fun to spend the day out with our oldest daughter - it's hard having our girls so far away!

Not too bad with all those triangles - the three inch block came out nicely!

The six inch block.  The key to sewing this block together is that you start in the middle with a bird in the air unit.  Then you add the rest of the half square triangles to that.

The nine inch block.  After sewing all the triangles, you sew a half square basket triangle to the background rectangles to make the base of the basket.  After that you just have to add the last background triangle.  It's not that hard, honestly!

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