Thursday, August 31, 2023

Road Trip Quilt Along Day 26, Lots of Driving - Boston Quilt Block

Today's block is a fun pinwheel variation, we'll be making half of the unit like a quarter square triangle, paired with a half square triangle. (I call it a split half square triangle) 

We got up and out early, knowing it would be a long day!  As you can see, the weather was much better and we were glad we postponed this visit.

There are so many monuments here!  

This is before you even get to the visitors center!  So amazing.

The town of Gettysburg is so quaint.  It would be fun just to explore around here!

We set off on what we thought was a 30 minute walk, but we must have taken a wrong turn because it took us a lot longer than that!  But we were glad it did!  

So amazing, and so much history around here.  We really could have spent all day looking at everything!

We loved it, and again, this is on our list to return and spend more time.  But for now we had to get back on the road!  We had 416 miles to travel before we got to our destination.

We definitely noticed that the roads were getting busier.

We drove through many states today, but we knew we'd be going back south through them next week, it was fun getting a taste of what they look like!

Lots of hills, gorgeous trees and lovely summer skies!

We were so excited about seeing our daughter and son in law!

Those hills are so beautiful!

Love seeing the different types of geology and formations in each area we drove through.

I wish I could remember where all these pictures were taken!  

I think this was the Hudson River.

We were almost to Connecticut by bow and were getting hungry!  

Time to start looking for dinner!  We ate at a Five Guys for the first time - oh my goodness was it ever delicious!  

The sun was getting low and then we ran into a massive paving project in Connecticut!  It took us hours to get through, and by the time we got to Massachussets, it was night-time.  

Onward we drove, and we had an interesting time when the gps unexpededly changed our route, but we finally got to where we were going and were greeted by Nick and Naomi!  We were looking forward to a few days in one spot and getting to enjoy some time with them!  

The three inch block is super cute - all done with sew and flip!

The six inch block is done with traditional piecing.

And the nine inch.  If you would like more instruction for this unit you can find it here:  

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