Monday, October 02, 2017

Quilter's Recipe Box Unit 10 - Split Half Square Triangle - Card Trick Block

Hello - welcome to the 10th month of Quilter's Recipe Box!  If you are new, make sure you look right above this post and click on the Quilter's Recipe Box tab to catch up on the previous blocks.

This month we have a unit that might be a little tricky, but if you've made it this far I am confident that you can make a Split Half Square Triangle unit.  This unit is the key to making the traditional Card Trick block - which is a great block and looks way more difficult than it is!

For this block you will need to cut a lot of triangles!  There will be some that are not needed, but go ahead and save those, we can use them for a block later this month.

From four different fabrics you will cut one 3 7/8 inch square (cut in half for two half square triangles) and one 4 1/4 inch square (cut in half diagonally in both directions to make 4 quarter square triangles - set aside 2 and use 2 for the block).  From your background fabric, cut two 3 7/8 inch squares (cut in half diagonally for 4 half square triangles) and one 4 1/4 square (cut in half diagonally both directions for 4 triangles)

For this block you will want to lay all the pieces out before you start sewing.  I like to start with the center first.
Then add the corners (if you like you can sew these to the background half square triangles and get that done).
Now, place the remaining half square triangles, then the quarter square triangles.  See how you get a heart shape out of each color?
Finish up with the background pieces.  Now let's put those quarter square triangles together for the Split Half Square Triangle units.
Sew the background and colored quarter square triangles together on the short sides.  Sew with the point up and put the colored triangle on the top and the background on the bottom.  Press the seam toward the dark color and trim that little dog ear at the top!
Sew to the half square triangle that is next to it. 

Press the seam toward the large triangle.
Your finished unit should measure 3 1/2 inches.  The seam of the quarter square units should be on the diagonal line and the center point should be right at the 1 3/4 inch mark.  Make sure you trim those dog ears and that your unit is nice and square!  (This is one of the reasons I like to sew with batiks - they press crisply and are easy to square up!)

Sew the four remaining quarter square triangle pieces together, making sure to keep them in the right order!  Measure and trim this piece up as well.  All your seams should go to the corners and the center should hit that 1 3/4 inch mark as well.  Goodbye to the dog-ears!
Double check your layout once again and sew it all together!

If the corners on the outside edge give you problems, you can press those corner blocks with the seam going toward the background.  Mine came out all right, but there is a bit of extra bulk there at the edges.

Take your time, pin if you need to, and make sure you match up the corners nicely - you will be glad you did!

Give your block a nice press, and now you can admire it!

Isn't this a great optical illusion?  Looks like overlapping cards - hence the title, "Card Trick".  The complete pattern for all the Quilter's Recipe Box units is available here: 

Quilter's Recipe Box Pattern

I hope you continue to make these blocks with me.  They are getting a little more difficult, but it's great to continue learning and stretching - the more you learn, the more quilts you will be able to make.  Thanks to Island Batik for these lovely Dotalicious fabrics!  If you like these fabrics, you might have to do a little searching to find them, but I still see them available online in several shops - they were from the 2016 Fall line.  I've sure enjoyed working with these this year!

As always, come back every Monday in October for a new block using the Split Half Square Triangle Unit.  Thanks for sewing with me!

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