Monday, September 04, 2023

Road Trip Quilt Along Day 30, Driving to New Jersey - Connecticut Quilt Block

Today's block is for Connecticut, the start of a whole set of new states that we drove through this week!

Today's drive took us through several states - from New Hampshire, to Massachussets, Connecticut, New York, into New Jersey!  Definitely a high traffic, lots of highway, and toll road day!

Starting out on our route south!  

We drove through Worcester, where Naomi went to college - great memories of coming out for her graduation!

It's a pretty town!

From Massachussetts to Connecticut!

Crossing the Connecticut River,

We took a different route south than when we came north.  

Another tunnel gong into New Haven!  Just a short one.

Love these rocks!  And the leaves were just starting to turn.

And then we crossed into New York!  

The road was pretty, with lots of trees on both sides.

As we got closer to New York City, we headed a bit west so we could cross the Hudson river. 


The Mario Cuomo Bridge!

  From here we were pretty busy trying to navigate and make sure we were on the right highway!  So many exits, and making sure you were where you needed to be was a little stressful!  And the toll booths!  Yikes, did I say it was stressful?  We were also trying to get to our hotel in time for a fantasy football draft, but didn't make it, so we stopped at a fast food place to see if we could do it from there.

And onto the Garden State Parkway - it was good road, but quite a bit of traffic.  It was onwards to our hotel for the night in Pennsauken, New Jersey.  Whew. It was quite a day of driving!

Three inch Connecticut block.

Six inch block.

And the nine inch version.  I'm going to have to play catch-up on all the states we drove through, but we'll get there!  

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Kathleen said...

Those roads are all so familiar! We did a different route to my brother's in northern NJ a few weeks ago and yes, it was so confusing....we probably wouldn't go that way again. Its frightening, when you recognize the road just from being on it so many times. We are in Boston/Portland ME and my family is in PA (reading), NJ and my son went to school in Baltimore....lots of road trips since I moved north in 1981.