Sunday, August 20, 2023

Road Trip Quilt Along Week 3 Starts Today! Day 15 Springfield and Virden Illinois, Indiana Puzzle Block

Welcome to week 3 of the Road Trip Quilt Along!  I hope you are enjoying my memories from our 2022 trip as much as I am!  It's almost as good as taking the trip all over again!  This is the block we'll be making today - Indiana Puzzle:

  Here are the blocks so far, including this weeks:

On this day last year, we left Rolla, Missouri and headed northeast to Springfield, Illinois.  

We traveled through St. Louis, passing by the Gateway Arch, and crossing the Mississippi river.

It was hard to get a good picture because I was also trying to navigate and help my husband to be in the right lane!  

It was another beautiful day!

After we checked into our motel in Springfield, we headed out to visit the Lincoln Home National Historic Site.  Sadly, we were too late to take a tour, but we enjoyed walking through the area and seeing the outside of all the buildings!  It's not too hard to imagine you are walking through the past as it all looks unchanged from the days when Lincoln lived here!

It's really sad that when he left, he never got to come back here again.  

Here is the house.  It was a 1 1/2 story when they bought it and they expanded upwards as their family grew.

There are no cars allowed on these streets, so it's quiet and lovely.  You can see the state capital building from here!

After that we headed for Virden (we had to backtrack a bit, but it's a good thing that's how it worked out, since we really wanted to visit the Lincoln site!

Virden is where my husband visited an Aunt and Uncle when he was younger.  We didn't have an address here either, but my husband was old enough to remember the general direction of the house, so we drove around until we finally found it!  This monument was in the town square, so we started here on our search.

This is a fairly straightforward block to make, this is my 3 inch block, and it came together easily even with that tiny square in a square unit!

The six inch size is looking good, too!

And the 9 inch block.  

You can download the patterns for this week now:

Still thinking about joining in?  It's not too late!  The link is over on the sidebar!

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