Monday, August 21, 2023

Road Trip Quilt Along Day 16, Owensborough, KY National Quilt Museam, Rising Star Quilt Block

Today's block is Rising Star - I've given instructions on how to simplify this block, as that center star is pretty tiny!  But it's so cute at the same tine!

From Springfield we headed South, our destination was Paducah, Kentucky and the National Quilt Museum.

We saw lots of fields - looks like maybe soybeans?

Beautiful green scenery!

Across the Ohio River now!

And into Kentucky!

I couldn't resist getting a picture of my August 2022 Island Batik Ambassador Challenge in front of the museum!

So many lovely quilts in the museum!  Here are some of the many pictures I took there!

Such a pretty landscape!

I love all the details in this one - including cats!

This one was pretty, and also has cats!

Love the colors in this one!

I loved seeing this one in person!

You should see the dense quilting in this one!

This was a special exhibit - really nicely done!

And the miniature display was outstanding as well.  

What a fun visit!  It was Sunday, so we didn't do any shopping, but the museum was well worth the visit to Quilt Town!

We ate dinner at the Texas Roadhouse - super loud, but good food!  Then we headed east to Owensboro, where we stayed for the night.  

I must admit that the pieces for this three inch block are super tiny!  But, with patience and care you can do it!  I believe in you!

It's definitely easier in the 6 inch size.  I really like how using the dark fabric as the background makes the star pop in the center!

In the nine inch it's not bad at all.  My advice is - give it a try!  It's good to meet a challenge head on!
You could be on your way to a masterpiece!

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