Tuesday, August 22, 2023

Road Trip Quilt Along Day 17, Mammoth Caves, Clarksville Indiana, Weathervane Block

Today's block is the Weathervane.  Lots of pieces in this block, but not as many as in yesterday's block!

Today we had another visit to a National Park on our agenda - Mammoth Caves.  We were up for the Historic Tour, which takes about 2 hours and involves about 2 miles of walking with 540 stairs, plus some tight places.  Just enough adventure to make it challenging and fun!


The drive there was lovely, so much green grass and trees!  Absolutely beautiful.  The weather was very hot that day as well.  We saw some lizards scurrying around while we waited for our tour group to assemble!  Cute, but I'm kind of nervous about them, or I would have got a picture!

The cool air coming from the cave felt pretty refreshing!  There are lots of stairs heading to the entrance of the cave, and we had to walk through special wet mats to keep us from bringing in white nose nose syndrome fungi.

The tour route had very nice walkways, and I didn't feel claustrophobic at all - I was a little nervous that I might!

The guide was very good, not only giving us historical facts, but also telling a story as we went.

There aren't a lot of formations in the caves, but we did go through lots of windy passages, had to duck under low ceilings, and squeeze through narrow passages.  It was really fun!

I'd love to go back and see more sometime!

We had noticed that we had some unusual wear on our tires, so decided that a visit to a tire center was in order.  There was one just down the street from our hotel room in Clarksville, Indiana.  Unfortunately, we crossed over into eastern time zone, so they were closed before we got there.  Well, first thing in the morning would have to do. 

This was a nice looking Best Western!  We crossed back up over the Ohio River again, so we felt like we were backtracking, but that was just the way it worked best to see everything we wanted in Kentucky.  We had two more stops before getting to Thompson's Station in Tennessee!

Our tire stituation was a bit stressful, but we did our best to enjoy our evening.

My 3 inch weathervane block.

The six inch version - if you are using directional fabric, it's nice to be able to make that house unit so that the pieces all face the direction you choose!

And my 9 inch version.  I love that suitcase in the center!  Perfect for the theme of this quilt!  At this point we were still dealing with trying to get the motel in Fort Smith to send my husband's shirts.  The manager was out of town and no one else seemed willing to get them packed up to send.  What a pain!

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