Wednesday, August 23, 2023

Road Trip Quilt Along Day 18, Churchill Downs, Lincolns Birthplace and Tennessee Block

Today's block is Tennessee - our destination for the rest of the week, where our second born daughter now lives with her husband and three kids!  This one was pretty easy, but you need to pay attention to where all the triangles are facing!

Before we could head out on the road today, we needed to get those tires checked out.  It's always hard to find a good reliable place on the road that you feel confident in, so we were happy to find a place that was able to check out the issue.  Turns out that when we had the two new tires installed on our truck before we left there wasn't an alignment done.  And the alignment was very bad, wearing out the tires on the front on the outside edges! Those tires were only a couple years old, but now they needed to be replaced.  We were definitely glad that we had them checked out and that we had good tires for the rest of the trip, and the front wheels were properly aligned so these tires should last us for a while now!

We headed back over the Ohio River to Louisville, Kentucky where we had tickets to tour Churchill Downs.  We decided to just do the museum and basic tour, but they have a lot more options where you can go to the backside of the track, or watch workouts, etc.  

My husband is a huge race fan, so this was a big bucket list visit for him!  It was a beautiful place, and we had a wonderful time!

It really is a beautiful place!

On Kentucky Derby day, these stands are packed, but it was all quiet here today as there was no racing.

Imagine seeing the horses run down this stretch in person!  Wouldn't that be exciting?  Don't know if we'll ever get to see that, but we can definitely dream!

I spotted a quilt in the museum!  There was a lot to see here, lots of history and information to take in!

We spent quite a bit of time, just taking it all in.

But eventually, it was time to move on.  One last look to put in the memory banks!

Next on our agenda was a stop at Lincoln's Birthplace.

The national Historic Parks are great educational sites, we enjoyed each one we were able to visit!

This was a beautiful park, which also featured some walking trails.

We wondered where we would find the exhibit, so walked up to this monument to see.

And discovered this log cabin was inside the marble monument!  Now this probably isn't the real log cabin Lincoln lived in, this was most likely a cabin from the area, and it was taken on tour for a while and exhibited as the Lincoln birthplace, but no one can say for sure if it is really it.  It is definitely a cabin of that time period though, so probably close enough, right?

Beautiful detailing on the ceiling!

This is most likely the spring he drank from as a child!

Very nice museum there as well.  We enjoyed talking to the park ranger there, and he recommended a place to eat dinner as we drove down to our daughter's house near Franklin, TN.

We took the road less traveled and enjoyed the scenery and the change of pace from busy interstate highways.  The funny thing is that this road criss-crosses over the boundary between eastern time and central time!  My phone kept going back and forth between the two time zones, so it was hard to know what time it really was!

We ate at Earl G Dumplin's in Jackson TN.  Nice little stop with good southern food!  It was a nice change from our usual fast food stops.

As the sun was going down we arrived in Thompson's Station - just in time for a round of fun with a lizard in the house!  My poor grand daughter did not like that at all, but it was good to finally get to their house and be able to spend a few days visiting!  

My three inch block.  

6 inches.

And the 9 inch version.  Oops, it got a little crumpled in the bottom corner. 

I'm pretty pleased with the way my points came out on these!  I hope yours come out well, too!  

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