Thursday, August 24, 2023

Road Trip Quilt Along Day 19 - Thompson's Station, Hourglass Block

I chose the hourglass block because it felt like time was steadily slipping by!  We had already done so much on our trip, but had so many more things planned!  

This is a nice easy to make block and it fit in well for a nice easy going day of relaxation and spending time with family.

We enjoyed a nice day with our daughter Joellen and her family - and got to meet the two newest family members!  This is Niko.

And sweet Lumin!  It was really fun to meet them!

And I made a delivery for Mark (my son-in-law). I gave each of my sons in law quilts this year because they didn't have one just for them!  It felt really good to see his reaction and how much he liked it!  My husband got an oil change in the truck, and I got to go to the kids home school co-op for the day.  It was nice to catch up a bit and enjoy a nice day with family! We even sat in the park for a while to watch the boys at football practice.  It went by all too fast!

Three inch block.

Six inch block.

And nine inch block.  This block has a strong diagonal line - I think it would make a great scrap quilt for sure!  

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