Saturday, August 19, 2023

Road Trip Quilt Along Day 14 - Rolla, Missouri, Illinois Block

 This is a fun block, you'll get lots of practice making flying geese with this one!

Today's drive took us north, then east to Rolla, Missouri.  It was a pleasant drive, lots of pretty scenery and nice weather.

Beautiful rolling hills, and valleys were most of the views.

A tunnel ahead!  

Different kind of rocks on the side of the road.  Every state really has a different landscape!

Lots of straight stretches of road.

And so many billboards!  This candy store was really trying to get people to visit!  I'll bet every kid begs to stop here!  We managed to resist temptation!  We also saw lots of billboards for a cave, but we already had to cave stops on our agenda, so we didn't go for that adventure either!

When we got to the motel, we realized that my husband had left all of his shirts hanging in the closet in Fort Smith!  Guess we were in a hurry to check out!  This added a few shopping trips to our agenda, since we couldn't get hold of the motel to mail them for a few days.

How about this block for a real adventure?

3 inch block - it's easy to make these Flying Geese using the sew and flip technique.

And the six inch block as well.  Be sure to press toward the medium light geese when sewing them together.

And the nine inch block.  My instructions use a traditional method for cutting and sewing, but if you have a ruler for making them, you can definitely use that!  That feather fabric is fun!  It wouldn't work in a smaller block, but it's definitely great in this size!

I've got the instructions ready for adding the cornerstones and sashing, so you can do that as you go along as well.  It's pretty satisfying to see them together!  You can save this for later if you like, too.  Tomorrow is a new week and a new set of blocks!  We are really moving along on this road trip!

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