Monday, December 09, 2013

Catching up and Giving Away!

****The Giveaway has ended and the winner is Piroska Blanchette!  Congratulations, Piroska, I have e-mailed the patterns to you!****

Well, I have been as busy as usual, I'm working on a quilt that is taking me quite a bit longer than I had planned on, so I have been working petal to the metal all week long.  It's coming along and I see light at the end of the tunnel, so hopefully I'll have something interesting to blog about soon!

I didn't want to miss Giveaway day - I've had so much fun participating in the past!  It's always hard to decide what to use for a Giveaway, but this year I thought I would send the winner a set of all 5 Charm Square table runner patterns that I have designed!  Since I will e-mail these as a set of PDF files anyone in the world is eligible to win, all you need is an e-mail address (so make sure you are not a no-reply blogger so I can get the prize to you easily!)

I will choose a random number from the comments on this post - just let me know which one of my Charm Square patterns is your favorite by December 13, and I'll announce the winner by the 15th!  You can see them all in the Craftlet below:

Visit PamelaQuilter's Craftsy Pattern Store »

My favorite one is Windmills, I just love this version that I made using a Fandango charm pack.  I have a charm pack of Bobbins and Bits that I plan to use to make a table runner with this pattern, I really think it will be pretty as well!  All of my charm square table runners are fun projects that go together quickly, so even if you are a beginner sewer I am confident that you can create a beautiful project with any of them - plus, if you want to make table runners for sale with my patterns, I have no problem with that (though I love when you give me credit for the design!)

I have some more ideas for projects using charm packs, but as you are likely to hear me say - "Too many projects, not enough time"!  Oh, well, I do make notes, so eventually I think I will have time, at least for some of them.

a Rafflecopter giveaway

Thanks again for joining me on my giveaway - go check out the SewMamaSew blog for lots more opportunities to win!  For supplies go here, and for handmade items check here.

Thursday, November 28, 2013

Quiltsy Team Members ForgetMeNotQuilteds and QuiltsFabricandmore

Happy Thanksgiving!  We've had a quiet day with lots and lots of food and just one of our brood home.  Different, but we are learning to roll with the changes that adult children bring...  Being flexible helps, and just enjoying each opportunity to spend time with our young ladies!

Todays featured shops are full of wonderful items as well, so let's take a look!
I love this colorful alphabet quilt from ForgetMeNotQuilteds.  I think the bright colors are so fun, this would be great for a playroom or even a classroom.  I really like the jumbo ric-rac that Jennifer added - such a fun touch.

I think this whimsical wall hanging would be great for the holidays!  A perfect way to add a touch of fun to your home decor, so festive!  It would make a neat gift, too.

Isn't the quilting on this table mat by QuiltsFabricandmore beautiful?  I love the simplicity of the fabric and how it lets the quilting show so beautifully.  This is just so elegant!

And this one is just stunning!  (This pattern is definitely on my bucket list of quilts to make!)  With a minkee back, this would just be the ultimate snuggle quilt for a chilly night!  Hats off to you, Becky - this is definitely a quilt that I would be proud to own!  (And do check out her fabric supplies as well - lots of goodies at great prices....)

Hope you've enjoyed this peek at some wonderful quilt sellers on Etsy.  I'm sure proud to be a member of the quiltsy team!

Wednesday, November 27, 2013

Quiltsy Team Members mountainquiltworks and marymackmademine

Time to showcase a couple more shops from my online group - Quiltsy Team!  I can't believe how talented these quilters are - so many fun things in their shops that it's hard to choose which ones to feature!  Onward with today's selections...
 Snowman Joy Christmas Wallhanging
An adorable winter table runner by MountainQuiltworks!  We don't get a lot of snow here on the Oregon Coast so I love snowy themed decor for the winter time.  The colors in this are so pretty - and the quilting is lovely on it.  Definitely liking this one a lot!
 Microwavable neck wrap
And here is the perfect Christmas gift for a quilter!  A microwavable neck wrap!  I'd like mine with flax seed and lavender - I think it's so great that you can customize your filling on these, what a wonderful way to sell them.  A nice warm neck wrap is just the thing after a long session of free motion quilting - relax those tight necks and shoulders so you can get back to quilting later :)

 Lap Quilt Roses Carnations
At first glance I thought this was a Christmas Quilt, but it's really not!  MaryMackMadeMine used beautiful red flower prints in this for a great year round beauty of a quilt!  Love how the black sashing sets the colors in the blocks off.
 Batic Blues
Love the colors in this zig-zag quilt!  I think this quilt would be perfect for snuggling under while I watch tv in the evenings!  Batik quilts are always so lovely, and this one is no exception!  It is even pre-washed and ready to be enjoyed - I'm sure it would make a delightful Christmas gift for anyone!

Thanks for joining me on this tour of different Quiltsy team members shops.  This is really a delightful group of fellow quilters and I am happy to share their work with you.  I'll have a couple more shops to share tomorrow, so stay tuned!

Tuesday, November 26, 2013

Quiltsy Team Members ColoradoQuilts and RedButtonQuilting

I'm back with day 2 of our Quiltsy Team promotion!  The two shops I am featuring today are ColoradoQuilts and RedButtonQuilting
 Hollyhock Wallhanging
I just love this little wallhanging from ColoradoQuilts!  So cute - and it's on sale :)  Patti is a versatile quilter, love the variety of things in her shop -
This bright and happy quilt is another wonderful selection - and it has a matching pillow!  Another thing that tickles me about her shop is that I was born and raised in Colorado, so I just love thinking about these lovely things being made in my home state (silly, but true!).

This dynamic red and black table topper is from RedButtonQuilting!  Joan has a great selection of items in her shop as well - I just love the way the white sets off the colors in this one.
And this baby quilt!  So pretty!  The quilting really pops on this one, makes me want to touch it and enjoy that lovely texture.

So - that is two more of my talented team members to enjoy - go visit their shops and check out their wonderful work - you won't be disappointed!

Monday, November 25, 2013

Quiltsy Team Members KeriQuilts and Secondsanctuary

This week I am doing a group promotion with my online Etsy Quilt Group (Quiltsy Team).  I thought as part of my promoting I would do a blog feature on the other members that I am promoting each day - I love seeing what other quilters are offering in their shops!

KeriQuilts is on the list for monday - she has a large selection of items to choose from in her Etsy shop!  I love this baby quilt:
 Modern Baby Lap Quilt
And this mini Cathedral window is so adorable - love the colors!
 Mini Pillow Cathedral Window
But my favorite thing in her shop is this pillow.  I would love to find this under the Christmas tree next month!
 Cathedral Window Pillow
If you like these, too make sure you go take a look and see some of the other pretties she has up for sale - I'll bet you find some items for you Christmas list as well!

The second shop I'll show you today is Beverly from SecondSanctuary.  Love her banner - Sewing for Art and Soul!  What a neat statement on what she does.  

 King Size Patchwork
Here is a wonderful King Size patchwork quilt.  I love the fun scrappy look of it - very nicely put together with so many fun colors and prints!
If you are getting married, or you know someone who is - this is a wedding gift that will be absolutely cherished for years to come!  You can choose your colors and have a keepsake that is beautiful and one of a kind!
 pastel quilt
And if I were choosing something for myself, I think it would be this one - it would look lovely in my bedroom!  I'll bet it is as warm and cozy as it looks!  

Hope you enjoyed getting a look at these shops!  I must say, I have - I am always amazed at the versatility of the members of Quiltsy team on Etsy!  

Sunday, November 17, 2013

Selvage Chair Cover - 6 months review

For some reason, my Selvage Chair cover has gone a bit viral on facebook - I've enjoyed seeing it pop up on my newsfeed and I see it is getting a lot of shares, so I thought this would be an appropriate time to let you all know how it is holding up and if it is working like I thought it would.  I am happy to report that it looks as good as ever and stays on my chair seat and back perfectly!

Oops, just noticed that my calendar still says September!  Guess I'd better get it up to date - time flies, doesn't it?  I'm really glad I used the cord locks because I can snug up the elastic when it gets a little looser.  I like being able to easily take the covers off.  I use this chair when I cut my husband's hair, so I like to take them off so they don't get all icky when I do that.  Then I just put them back on, easy as pie!

As you can see, there hasn't been any noticeable wear at all.  It still looks just as bright and fresh as when it was first made 6 months ago.  If you missed my how-to post you can see how I made this cover here.  Let me know if you make one of your own, I'd love to see it!  Anyone made anything fun out of selvages lately?  I think I'm ready for a new project, but haven't decided what yet.

Saturday, November 16, 2013

Mixed Emotions

My husband and I finally went on an outing we've been looking forward to for a while, but haven't gotten around to.  We went to Leaf's Treehouse - a local flea market/antique shop.  People rent spaces in there and sell their wares - it's huge and lots of fun to poke around in and find lots of treasures!  We wandered around most of the store and found ourselves in a small niche at the back when I spotted something that looked quite familiar.

"That's funny - it looks like a table runner I made for the quilt shop, then later sold.  I wonder who bought the kit and make one like it."  Then I looked closer.  "Wow, they quilted it like I did.  That looks pretty good!"  

Then I picked up the end and looked at it really close...."Wait a minute!  This is the one I made! How much are they asking for it?"

$65.00 - I don't remember, but I hope I got at least that much out of it - it was a lot of work!

I'm not really too sure how I feel about it, but it sure was an interesting find!  It has obviously been well cared for because it still looks as beautiful as when I sold it....I guess you never expect to find something you worked hard to create for sale in a flea market.

Sunday, November 10, 2013

DIY Quilted Gifts in a Hurry

I love giving handmade gifts, but over the years have discovered that my procrastination gene really messes up this plan - it's a little hard to start in November and make 20 different people a nice handmade gifts plus decorate, bake and clean up my house!  This is one of the reasons I have fallen in love with pre-cut quilt pieces...Jelly Rolls, Charm Packs, Layer Cakes.  By starting with one of these you cut your work in half and get right to fun part - sewing.

With this in mind I have been working on creating a series of fun projects using a Charm Pack (which is quite economical at under $10.00 most of the time).  All of these projects can be finished in an afternoon or evening - including quilting!

This is my Fall Charmer pattern.  I made this using a S'More Love Charm Pack.  (by Cosmo Cricket for Moda Fabrics)  The piecing is really simple, and it allows for lots of creative fun as you arrange all the squares to suit yourself - you could do it so many ways!   

Shuffling around the squares is half the fun! I think it would be striking to make one with one leaf in all orange fabrics and the other in yellows, then using the browns and blues and greens for the background.  Hmmm - now I might have to buy another Charm Pack.  (See, they are addictive!)

For the back you only need a half yard of fabric!   I'll bet you have something in your stash that will work - or you could always piece together a couple of fat quarters.   Then the binding only takes a quarter yard.  I squeezed this one out of a scrap of fabric that was the perfect green - it has a few more seams, but the piece was just big enough - hurray!  (I love being able to work out of my stash - which seems to be mostly bits and pieces less than a half yard.)

Quilt it up with a simple overall design like this spiral - it doesn't take long to do a piece this small!  Or you could do some straight line quilting to make it even easier.  Add your binding and you have a wonderful gift that will delight the recipient (don't forget to make a label for the back with your name on it so they will always remember who made them this beautiful quilted gift!)

You can see all 8 of my Charm square patterns by clicking the link below - any one of them could be used to make a quick gift that would be perfect for someone special!  If you have never purchased a pattern on Etsy before, it's very easy and your pattern is available as soon as you pay!  You can actually download your pattern and start your quilt today - talk about instant gratification.  Take that, procrastination gene - we are getting our gifts done early this year!

Sunday, October 06, 2013

Blue and Silver Christmas Round Robin

I'm keeping up my momentum and working away at my rather impressive pile of UFO's. Today I finished this one, it's a round robin quilt I started with a group of friends years ago.  I've been dragging it out and working on it in bits, but finally have it finished!  It's got a nice array of quilting on it - and I am quite pleased with myself. 
If you have never participated in a round robin, I would highly recommend it!  For this one there were only four of us and we were all making Christmas quilts.  We didn't have any rules for the different rounds, just do what you like.  Each of us had an ideal finished size as the only guideline.  I did the beginning feathered star on mine.  My colors were blue, white, silver, with just a bit of red.  I added the last border after a lot of searching for the right fabric.  It's a pretty piece with a village scene and trees.  I had to cut all my borders just right so everything would be right side up - I don't often make quilts with an up and down so it was a bit tricky!  I did feather quilting on the star.  You really can't see it at all in the blue because of the matching thread, but the white shows up pretty well.  It's not perfect, but it was good practice!

All the borders are really special!  The first border looks like prairie points, but all those triangles are appliqued!  I just quilted that border stitch in the ditch.  The next border has the same dark blue as the triangles in my star.  I had a hard time finding thread to go with the red, but eventually settled on a shiny Sulky rayon thread.  Then I didn't know how to quilt the blue squares.  I thought I would try some free from snowflakes in silver thread.  Worked great!  They actually look more like bows on packages, but I like it.
The white border with squares was fun (and challenging) to quilt.  I was going for a "frost" kind of inspiration.  I was really pleased with the results!
The final border is just done with swirls because it doesn't really show.  The binding worked out nicely.  It was a blue batik with swirls of white dots.  I think they look kind of like snow!  Isn't the fabric pretty?
Excuse my darkish pictures.  I didn't finish until after 6 and I lost the good light!  But I did want to get pictures.  I'll try for some better ones later this week.  I was just excited to get this done and wanted to post it!

I've got several custom orders to work on next week, but do have one more quilt that is basted and partly quilted to finish up.  Yay for productive weekends!

Saturday, October 05, 2013

Winter Solstice Quilt Finished

Despite a night of little sleep (poor DH was not feeling so well!) I got myself together this afternoon and finished quilting up my shop sample of Winter Solstice.  I'm pretty happy with it - I was trying out some different quilting designs, so there was a bit of a learning curve and some ripping out.  In the end it came out and I will be using it in my Beginner Free Motion Quilting class to show some things you can do with basic meandering, loops and spirals.
 I suspect that it was a mistake to quilt the background first.  I had a few issues with extra fullness in some spots and I think I might have avoided that by quilting the other sections first.
Love doing those loop the loops to fill the triangles - I only got mixed up in the direction I was going one time :)
 Not the best example of my free form feathering, but overall they look really good!  They don't have to be perfect because they are all unique and handmade!
And a peek at the back.  I love the look of all the different quilting designs on the back.  This is going to be awesome when it gets washed, I just love all the crinkly goodness of a washed quilt, do you?  The next quilt up for finishing is my Christmas round robin that will go on my futon this year for the holidays!  I got out the burgundy thread and even did a few stitches while dinner was cooking.  I am really ready to cross this one off my list, and  I'm getting through the list pretty fast. Then it'll be time to start a new one.  List, that is.  There are plenty of quilt tops, and UFO's around here for several!

Friday, October 04, 2013

A little quilting...

I got to do a little quilting today...I got all the white background done.  Tomorrow I'll work on the colors!  It will be a fun Christmas quilt when it's finished.  This is another project from Angles With Ease.  Sorry for the pathetic photo.  It looked a lot better on my phone :/

 I think my husband is catching that bug that's been dragging me down all week, so it'll be a good day to take it easy and do some stitching :)  I feel bad that he doesn't feel well, though.  Should have kept my germs to myself!

Thursday, October 03, 2013

Running Around

Ha - in more ways than one today was a running day.  Thursday mornings my husband and I go out and get some exercise by doing about a half hour of running and walking at the high school track.  We run on the field because it's easier on our bodies.  I guess we're getting old enough to be worried about those sorts of things....but it's good exercise and we enjoy doing it together.

After that it was home for breakfast, a shower and I was running off to the quilt shop to help finish getting ready for a big sale that is starting tomorrow.  I got to help a customer choose fabric for the quilt she is making using the block of the month I am doing for the shop.  I was very pleased that she had made a block from the current months pattern and said she could follow my instructions to make her first paper pieced block!  Woohoo!  I was really stressing over whether a beginner could follow them well enough to actually understand how to do paper foundation piecing, so I was thrilled that she did it.

Home for lunch, relaxed and did some reading this afternoon.  Fixed dinner and then ran off again!  To a quilt guild meeting.  So fun!  We had four different demos going at once and we all rotated around to the different ones.  One was a cute appliqued pumpkin nametag.  Another was a microwavable bowl holder (which could also serve as an ice cream bowl cozy).  I made a cute little finger pincushion at a different one, and the last was for two color binding.  Since I got there late I ended up at a table by myself, but was joined by a new member.  The funny thing is we both have long hair and were wearing it in similar styles - we were asked several times if we were sisters :)  So I have a new quilting sister now!  I volunteered to make three blocks for our raffle quilt for 2014, so that will be fun.

This is the quilt I brought for Show and Tell -
I made this as one of my Project Quilting challenges this year.  The challenge was to make a quilt with a square in a square block.  I added to the challenge by making it all from stash.  Even the back - 
Oops - sorry it's sideways!  Anyway - I love the way the back came out!  If I had more time I would have made it even bigger and combined the back with the front, but I needed to finish it by the deadline.  I do think I will add more quilting to it, though.  

After all the RUNNING around today....I'm ready for bed!  Time for some rest so I can do some sewing tomorrow.

Wednesday, October 02, 2013

Fall is In the Air

After a beautiful summer we are definitely full on into fall.  Cold, rainy weather has taken over, I keep telling myself there are definitely some lovely Autumn days coming, at least I hope!  We had some good storms come through over the weekend and lost some shingles off our roof - not a good sign for the coming winter, for sure.

I kept busy in September and finished several quilts.  I had three quilts in my quilt guild's show - no ribbons this year.  It makes me really want to work on some projects like my Crazy Jane and get them finished!
 I quilted this top that was made as a shop sample last year.  Love the fabrics in this.  I ended up deciding to do a simple meander on this, but it could have been really pretty with a nice custom quilting.  Not a lot would have shown since the fabrics are pretty busy, though.
 I got this bed runner back from the quilt shop as well.  I had to re quilt some of it because I had some tension issues.  I'm much happier with it now!
Love the way this one came out!  I quilted this with an allover swirl design.  Another quilt with busy fabrics - seems like simple quilting just works out best for these.  I have another finish to show, but need to take some better pictures.  Hopefully I can keep it up next month.  I would love to make a big dent in my overly full drawers and turn some UFO's into Quilts!!!

Thursday, September 05, 2013

Wednesday WIPs - Sept 4

Not much quilting got done this week - most of my week was split between preparing to move my youngest daughter to Eugene and celebrating birthdays in Portland.  We had lots of fun spending time with our grandkids - Asher is getting so big, Cole turned 4 and Jovi is getting to be so cute at almost 3 months!

 The one project I worked on was an Anthropologie inspired ruffle shower curtain in shades of pink.  14 yards of fabric in this!  10 ruffles all layered onto a base of cream colored fabric.  I don't have a finished picture, but it is really pretty!

Then we moved her up to her new apartment.  Of course she is on the third floor and no elevator so we had lots of fun carrying all of her belongings up the stairs! Whew.  Good thing we've been exercising!  Hopefully she will like living there.  She was excited to start living in an apartment instead of the dorms, so I think it'll be a good year for her.  Kind of sad for us, since she has a years lease and won't be coming home next summer.  But it's only a couple hours away, so we can visit on occasion.

Before all the fun and excitement started I got my block of the month pattern done for September - Schoolgirl's Puzzle.  Then I made the block for October, only I forgot to double check the block size and ended up with a 9 inch block instead of a 12 inch one!  Whoops - but I put it too good use and made it into a mini quilt for my Etsy shop.  Can't put this fun fabric to waste, I just love it (In From the Cold by Kate Spain)  Speaking of Kate Spain, I was looking at the new Moda catalog and the new line coming out is beautiful.  I'm definitely a fan of her fabric collections.  Wish I could have them all!  

I do have another project going, but it's just adding a panel to a set of curtains.  Pretty color, but it doesn't make for a good picture.  

Make sure you check out the Quiltsy blog for a giveaway on this week's WIP post!  Link up to your blog for an opportunity at a fun prize, too!

Sunday, August 25, 2013

Sunday Summary - What I got done this week!

I actually had a pretty good week for sewing this week.  I had several alteration appointments and finished this week's deadlines - a maid of honor dress and shortening sleeves for the grandmother of the groom for the same wedding.  After that I couldn't decide whether to work on quilting some quilts, finishing tops, or working on some other projects.  I decided to finish one quilt, then I could go on to some of the piles!

I finished the quilting on Barcelona Nights and it is now hanging in Threads That Bind.  I'll take some more pictures of that this week, but here is what it looked like on my bed:
I pieced a baby quilt from a charm pack (also a shop sample) - here it is before I added the border - 

 Yesterday a pieced another sample from Angles With Ease - Rising Star Table Topper.  I think these fall colors are very pretty.  The star fabrics are from the new Sandy Gervais line.  This one is now basted and ready to quilt tomorrow!
Today I sewed a third sample from Angles With Ease.  I love the blues in it!  This one was a little bit trickier with the cutting and piecing, but the instructions were great, down to the pressing of the seam allowances.  This one is going to be very pretty once it is quilted.

Now I've reduced my piles of fabric that need to be pieced into quilt tops, but my pile of quilt tops that need to be quilted means that this week will be a quilting week for sure!  The good thing about that is I will have some nice new quilts to show off next Sunday, if my week goes according to my plan.  Which we know doesn't always happen, but a girl's got to be flexible you know....