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Sunday, November 04, 2018

Time off is a wonderful thing!

We had a wonderful well-deserved week of vacation!  We traveled to visit our grandchildren (and their parents) and just enjoy some time away from all the work we've been doing.  We have made it a routine to go up for a week in the fall, and the weather was actually quite good despite the forecast for rain.

We enjoyed watching football, soccer, swimming and gymnastics!  We walked the Nike campus with our son-in-law who works there.  Gorgeous place - and got in 2.2 miles while on our tour.
 Kids and water!
 Sweet statue - me and my beloved years from now!
There is a large berm build up around the campus from when they created this beautiful lake area - instead of paying to haul it away, it was put to good use!

My little climber - she's always busy!  I was in charge of her while her brother had soccer practice.  

We also enjoyed our time in Washington - I got to make a Halloween costume for my granddaughter there.  Luckily I had my sewing kit with me, I just hand-stitched felt to a t-shirt and embroidered a spiral onto a felt cone for the horn:
We also got to meet the new pup, Port:
Isn't she a cutie?  She's almost 4 months old and is a goldendoodle.  Her favorite game?  Grab something you don't want her to have and run!  She's teething and loves to chew on ice cubes.  She was lots of fun to play with!

It was so nice to relax - I brought a project from home to work on while sitting around.  This is my husband's sofa blanket.  It's probably about 20 years old and very well used!  The binding was a mess, actually the whole thing was pretty much a mess.  I offered to make a new one, but he really was hoping to get some more years with this one!  So I am patching the holes, adding some quilting and replacing the binding.  Fingers crossed it will hold together in the laundry afterwards!

Last time I repaired the quilt I added some ties through the center of the paisley blocks.  Every single tie ripped through the upper fabric.  So lots of little holes in those to be repaired.
This end was pretty shredded! I had to trim about half the outer border off before replacing the binding.  Much better looking now!  

 I also added some big stitch quilting with the Aurifil 12 wt I used for my October challenge (2610).  I stitched along every other row of squares.  The back looks like a big mess, but at least it won't rip the top like the ties did.  It's a dark blue, just looks washed out in this photo.

Speaking of washed, that's where it is now, then my happy hubby will have his beloved blankie back.  I'm going to start on a new one anyway, though, because I don't think this one will last much longer!

I had a wonderful week of hand stitching, now it's back to the sewing studio for lots of speedy machine work.  My list is long for November, and I've got to get busy crossing items off my list.

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Friday, September 22, 2017

Catching up and Slowing Down

I feel like I have been running at a breakneck pace ever since we got back from our vacation and now I just want to slow down a little.  I never had a chance to share about our trip, so I want to show you some of the fun things we got to do!

Number one was go see the U of O Ducks play a football game!  It was so hot out, and smokey from the nearby fires, but well worth sharing this fun time with our family!

Riding the shuttle to the game was fun (long line to get on afterwards, though!)
Our little cheerleader did a great job and ended up way past her bedtime, but was still happy and in a good mood.

Go Ducks!

After that we had a good couple days of downtime, then it was off to the airport!  My sweet DH hates to fly, but didn't want me to miss time with my family in Colorado, so off we went.  Our flight was very nice, in fact thanks to TSA precheck it only took us 15 minutes to check our bags and get through security!  Hurray for that!

We loved the wonderful warm Colorado weather!  It was really great to see my Sister and Brother as well as Mom and Dad, it's been 8 years since we were all under one roof.
Most of our time was spent just sitting and visiting, but we went for a lovely drive on Saturday and found this picturesque little park in Silvercliff, CO.

Lovely view of the Sangre De Cristo mountains.  Many of the 53 Fourteeners (mountains over 14000 feet) can be seen from here.  Did you know Colorado has the most of these high mountains (53) of any state?  This is one of the things I love about my home state!

Unfortunately, Irma was making my Brother and his wife nervous about their home in Florida, so they decided to go home the next day, so my Sister and her husband scooted on down from seeing their Grandkids in Denver so we could spend a little time together with Mom and Dad.  Here we are - sorry for the bad living room at night picture, but it's the best we got!
The two cuties at the bottom are my Grand-niece and nephew.

On Sunday we had a great trip to the Pueblo Zoo with the kids - my dad kept saying that he thought the adults were having more fun than the kids, so he must have enjoyed it himself.

This little girl loves Zebra's!  And she found that her Great-Uncle was happy to pack her around for a while :)  Loved our visit there, the zoo has sure been improved since I was a kid.

Lots of shady pathways, so even on a hot day it was a pleasant outing!

After they all left, we had a couple days remaining with not much else to do, so we took an afternoon drive out to Lake Pueblo.  They were just building the dam when I was in high school, so it always seems like a new thing to me!  They've really built up that area with tons of campsites, so it's a booming recreation area.  The swimming area we used to visit when our girls were young is closed now, so we were sad to see that.  

One of things I had hoped to do when I was visiting was to find out more about my paternal Grandmother.  I did get this picture of her, and a little more info, so maybe I can track down some of her family history now.

 Before we knew it, it was time to leave.  We got up early and headed for the airport in Denver for our flight home, which was as nicely uneventful as our first flight.  We were super happy for TSA precheck, so no messing around with shoes or unpacking our laptops.  And what a delight to be greeted by the smiling faces of three of our grandchildren when coming out of the gate!  We spent the rest of the afternoon resting, then got to see Soccer practice.  This little sweetie knows how to be prepared to entertain herself while her brother has practice.

The next day was our drive home.  Was it ever great to get home and sleep in our own bed!  I pretty much hit the ground running at that point with all I had to do, but I think at this point I am ready to slow down a bit and get back to a somewhat normal routine.  I'm antsy to start a new project, but I am still working on some older ones, so am trying to be disciplined.  For sure, getting back into my blogging routine is on my radar for the future!

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Thursday, September 05, 2013

Wednesday WIPs - Sept 4

Not much quilting got done this week - most of my week was split between preparing to move my youngest daughter to Eugene and celebrating birthdays in Portland.  We had lots of fun spending time with our grandkids - Asher is getting so big, Cole turned 4 and Jovi is getting to be so cute at almost 3 months!

 The one project I worked on was an Anthropologie inspired ruffle shower curtain in shades of pink.  14 yards of fabric in this!  10 ruffles all layered onto a base of cream colored fabric.  I don't have a finished picture, but it is really pretty!

Then we moved her up to her new apartment.  Of course she is on the third floor and no elevator so we had lots of fun carrying all of her belongings up the stairs! Whew.  Good thing we've been exercising!  Hopefully she will like living there.  She was excited to start living in an apartment instead of the dorms, so I think it'll be a good year for her.  Kind of sad for us, since she has a years lease and won't be coming home next summer.  But it's only a couple hours away, so we can visit on occasion.

Before all the fun and excitement started I got my block of the month pattern done for September - Schoolgirl's Puzzle.  Then I made the block for October, only I forgot to double check the block size and ended up with a 9 inch block instead of a 12 inch one!  Whoops - but I put it too good use and made it into a mini quilt for my Etsy shop.  Can't put this fun fabric to waste, I just love it (In From the Cold by Kate Spain)  Speaking of Kate Spain, I was looking at the new Moda catalog and the new line coming out is beautiful.  I'm definitely a fan of her fabric collections.  Wish I could have them all!  

I do have another project going, but it's just adding a panel to a set of curtains.  Pretty color, but it doesn't make for a good picture.  

Make sure you check out the Quiltsy blog for a giveaway on this week's WIP post!  Link up to your blog for an opportunity at a fun prize, too!

Sunday, March 18, 2012

The Last Dance

I love Dance season!  It's so much fun watching my daughter dance - she is wonderful.  We are so proud of her, she was chosen as one of a few All State dancers and was outstanding in her performance.  She has put in a lot of work this year and so has her team.  All of that effort was rewarded with a nice trophy - Second place in their division!
My husband, the Dancer, Me and our oldest daughter - she flew in from Boston to see her sister in her last Dance Competition!  In fact all 4 of her sisters were there to see her dance.  In all there were 13 of us there including both of our grandsons, the two son-in-laws, a boyfriend, and couple of other friends.  We took up a whole row and had a grand time screaming and cheering on our Marshfield Upbeats!  Woooo!

It's been fun, but I'm ready to be finished.  As a team captain's mom, I've been responsible for quite a few things, including making a quilt for the coach.  The girls all made a signature block and I sewed them together into a nice quilt - just a tied one, but it came out very nicely! 

Between me and the other mom we've brought meals and snacks and just tried to make sure all the girls were well fed and cared for at the competitions and between all of that and lots of practices I am a little worn out and miss being able to concentrate on my quilting.   This is my girl's senior year, and all these events are full of emotion - the last time we'll go through all of the fun, drama, and work of raising her up.  The empty nest is looming, and we are looking forward to it, and dreading it.  We'll miss these times, but look forward to new things, new routines and maybe a little less responsibility! 

Hopefully now, I'll be posting more projects here.  (But track season starts tomorrow.....) 

Friday, March 02, 2007

In Like a Lion

Here on the coast March has definitely come in like a lion. It is cold, wet and simply miserable. My youngest daughter is sick with the stomach "flu", and I am still hanging on to some lingering cold symptoms. What will it be like to be warm again? I'm thoroughly sick of wearing my snuggly sweaters and cozy socks. Layering is tiresome, and really accentuates that wonderful extra 20 lbs I would love to get rid of, but the weather is too bad for walking, and I am ready for some sunshine!!!!

Would you like some cheese with that whine?

On the quilting front, all is wonderfully well. I finished Red Sky at Night, and am waiting for payment before I ship it off. Then today I sold her sister quilt, Red Sky at Morning! Which is going to be not too far from the other one, amazingly enough! I have a couple of pads for bassinet covers to quilt, and am in the midst of a shop sample. A beautiful Mount Redoubt design in oriental fabrics. Lots of fusing on this one - good practice for me! The only thing is since I've been selling so well on Etsy I need to get some more UFO's finished up. Well, I like to be busy! I did get my Ruby Tulips Quilt back from the shop. It needs a little quilting added, then it will be ready to add to my Etsy shop. It's such a striking quilt, I wouldn't be surprised if it sold right away.

I am officially typing on the new laptop I bought with my quilt money! I an super excited - spent most of the day trying to figure out how to transfer files over, getting my internet going, and most importantly getting EQ5 going! I couldn't find my saved projects for a while and that was really scary because I sure wouldn't want to loose all of those! I've got a few future patterns all laid out in there! Speaking of which I have finished writing up Floral Irish Chain, and just have to print it up. So, I need to get going on my pattern for March. March is a basket quilt. I have it sewn and basted, but need to quilt it. I wrote out the directions as I was making it, so it should be pretty easy to write up as a pattern. I wonder if I really can do 12 patterns this year? It's a big goal, but I know I'm good for a few more. After that I may have to stretch myself!

I spent part of yesterday afternoon (while restlessly awaiting the arrival of UPS with my package!) working on Memories of the Titanic. I had to clip some seams and trim out the triangles I was too lazy to trim when I was making the top. They were totally noticable and I knew they would count me down on the judging for that! So I will spent the next week putting the quilting back in that I had to remove, then it will be ready for pictures. I am planning to enter it in Mancuso's Denver National Show. If it is accepted I plan to go to the show - hopefully with my Mom and Sis! I just have to keep myself positive. It's so easy to slide into the negative - oh, it won't be good enough, I don't have time.... I am really trying to nip that tendancy in the bud and to believe in my efforts. I don't want to belittle the gifts God has given me and I want to use them to their fullest potential to honor Him.

Stay warm, all!