Thursday, September 05, 2013

Wednesday WIPs - Sept 4

Not much quilting got done this week - most of my week was split between preparing to move my youngest daughter to Eugene and celebrating birthdays in Portland.  We had lots of fun spending time with our grandkids - Asher is getting so big, Cole turned 4 and Jovi is getting to be so cute at almost 3 months!

 The one project I worked on was an Anthropologie inspired ruffle shower curtain in shades of pink.  14 yards of fabric in this!  10 ruffles all layered onto a base of cream colored fabric.  I don't have a finished picture, but it is really pretty!

Then we moved her up to her new apartment.  Of course she is on the third floor and no elevator so we had lots of fun carrying all of her belongings up the stairs! Whew.  Good thing we've been exercising!  Hopefully she will like living there.  She was excited to start living in an apartment instead of the dorms, so I think it'll be a good year for her.  Kind of sad for us, since she has a years lease and won't be coming home next summer.  But it's only a couple hours away, so we can visit on occasion.

Before all the fun and excitement started I got my block of the month pattern done for September - Schoolgirl's Puzzle.  Then I made the block for October, only I forgot to double check the block size and ended up with a 9 inch block instead of a 12 inch one!  Whoops - but I put it too good use and made it into a mini quilt for my Etsy shop.  Can't put this fun fabric to waste, I just love it (In From the Cold by Kate Spain)  Speaking of Kate Spain, I was looking at the new Moda catalog and the new line coming out is beautiful.  I'm definitely a fan of her fabric collections.  Wish I could have them all!  

I do have another project going, but it's just adding a panel to a set of curtains.  Pretty color, but it doesn't make for a good picture.  

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thebutterflyquilter said...

I love how the block came out even if it was undersized!