Friday, March 02, 2007

In Like a Lion

Here on the coast March has definitely come in like a lion. It is cold, wet and simply miserable. My youngest daughter is sick with the stomach "flu", and I am still hanging on to some lingering cold symptoms. What will it be like to be warm again? I'm thoroughly sick of wearing my snuggly sweaters and cozy socks. Layering is tiresome, and really accentuates that wonderful extra 20 lbs I would love to get rid of, but the weather is too bad for walking, and I am ready for some sunshine!!!!

Would you like some cheese with that whine?

On the quilting front, all is wonderfully well. I finished Red Sky at Night, and am waiting for payment before I ship it off. Then today I sold her sister quilt, Red Sky at Morning! Which is going to be not too far from the other one, amazingly enough! I have a couple of pads for bassinet covers to quilt, and am in the midst of a shop sample. A beautiful Mount Redoubt design in oriental fabrics. Lots of fusing on this one - good practice for me! The only thing is since I've been selling so well on Etsy I need to get some more UFO's finished up. Well, I like to be busy! I did get my Ruby Tulips Quilt back from the shop. It needs a little quilting added, then it will be ready to add to my Etsy shop. It's such a striking quilt, I wouldn't be surprised if it sold right away.

I am officially typing on the new laptop I bought with my quilt money! I an super excited - spent most of the day trying to figure out how to transfer files over, getting my internet going, and most importantly getting EQ5 going! I couldn't find my saved projects for a while and that was really scary because I sure wouldn't want to loose all of those! I've got a few future patterns all laid out in there! Speaking of which I have finished writing up Floral Irish Chain, and just have to print it up. So, I need to get going on my pattern for March. March is a basket quilt. I have it sewn and basted, but need to quilt it. I wrote out the directions as I was making it, so it should be pretty easy to write up as a pattern. I wonder if I really can do 12 patterns this year? It's a big goal, but I know I'm good for a few more. After that I may have to stretch myself!

I spent part of yesterday afternoon (while restlessly awaiting the arrival of UPS with my package!) working on Memories of the Titanic. I had to clip some seams and trim out the triangles I was too lazy to trim when I was making the top. They were totally noticable and I knew they would count me down on the judging for that! So I will spent the next week putting the quilting back in that I had to remove, then it will be ready for pictures. I am planning to enter it in Mancuso's Denver National Show. If it is accepted I plan to go to the show - hopefully with my Mom and Sis! I just have to keep myself positive. It's so easy to slide into the negative - oh, it won't be good enough, I don't have time.... I am really trying to nip that tendancy in the bud and to believe in my efforts. I don't want to belittle the gifts God has given me and I want to use them to their fullest potential to honor Him.

Stay warm, all!

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