Saturday, March 03, 2007

Celebrating One Year on Etsy!

Mar 3 is my etsy-versary, and I want to share some of the ways Etsy has changed my life. Because of Etsy I have more confidence in myself as an artist. People have bought my creations, and they love them. I think of the items I make almost as my babies, and it is so wonderful to send them out to the world and know that they are appreciated and loved! I love the fact that I know where they are going, I know the person’s name, often I have some contact with that person afterward and hear that they are happy with their purchase. I live in a small town, and though my work is well thought of here, there is simply not much of a market for it.

Because of Etsy, I have been able to reach out to a much broader spectrum of people than I would otherwise be able to do. When I started I wasn’t very educated in computers, and definitely was not able to make my own website. I didn’t know much about taking good pictures, or presenting my work to the public. I have learned so much! There is so much good advice out there on Etsy to make your store better - I found that just watching what other people do, and checking out the forums brought a wealth of information to help me to sell better, and to present myself in a more professional way.

Through Etsy I have gotten to know (virtually, anyway!) a large group of people who are as obsessive about their craft as I am! Even though they don’t always get along with each other, they are always there, striving away to make their mark in the world. Each artist is unique in their own way; some live in big cities, some out in the middle of no-where; some are educated, some are self-taught; some are very serious and some are seriously silly! But the one thing we all have in common is that we love to create. And we want to share those creations with the world! And Etsy allows us to do that! I’ve seen some truly wonderful pieces of art, and have been able to buy some really great things from people who care about what they do. From soap to candles, to jewelry - there is something really special about buying an item from someone who actually put some love into it!

And last, but definitely not least (because that’s my primary motive!), is the fact that I have done quite well financially. Quilts do sell on Etsy, and not just $50.00 or less! I was able to buy the new laptop I am working from because of my Etsy earnings. My family values what I do more because they see that there is real monetary value in my creations. And as my dear friend Candy commented, it keeps me in money to buy more fabric.

Thank You, Etsy, for a wonderful first year!

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