Thursday, March 08, 2007

Fighting with Fusible Web

This week I've been working on that shop sample, and I am not having fun with the fusible web. I haven't even started sewing yet! I had to re cut and fuse my apple blossoms 3 times because for some reason the fusible actually soaked into the fabric and showed through on the surface of it. I finally found a brand that worked, but I am pretty sick of the process by now. I will be happy to get to the actual sewing part of this project. I have decided to use silk thread to sew down the appliques by machine. I'll use a 70 jeans needle, as recommended by the local sewing machine shop. If I ever get all the bajillion little parts fused that is!

I purchased a 1/4 inch round quilting foot for my Juki and I love it for quilting! I have quited 4 covers for baby changing pads this week, and they all came out great! I think I may try the 1/8" foot - the visibility should be absolutely awesome. I think I will add some quilting to Ruby Tulips this weekend. I definitely need to finish the quiting on Titanic because I am supposed to get my pictures done next week. The application is due on the 21st, so I don't want to miss the deadline.

Miss Cat, my feline quit inspector!

Off to bed for me, need my beauty rest so I can get up and do some serious sewing tomorrow!

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