Sunday, March 18, 2012

The Last Dance

I love Dance season!  It's so much fun watching my daughter dance - she is wonderful.  We are so proud of her, she was chosen as one of a few All State dancers and was outstanding in her performance.  She has put in a lot of work this year and so has her team.  All of that effort was rewarded with a nice trophy - Second place in their division!
My husband, the Dancer, Me and our oldest daughter - she flew in from Boston to see her sister in her last Dance Competition!  In fact all 4 of her sisters were there to see her dance.  In all there were 13 of us there including both of our grandsons, the two son-in-laws, a boyfriend, and couple of other friends.  We took up a whole row and had a grand time screaming and cheering on our Marshfield Upbeats!  Woooo!

It's been fun, but I'm ready to be finished.  As a team captain's mom, I've been responsible for quite a few things, including making a quilt for the coach.  The girls all made a signature block and I sewed them together into a nice quilt - just a tied one, but it came out very nicely! 

Between me and the other mom we've brought meals and snacks and just tried to make sure all the girls were well fed and cared for at the competitions and between all of that and lots of practices I am a little worn out and miss being able to concentrate on my quilting.   This is my girl's senior year, and all these events are full of emotion - the last time we'll go through all of the fun, drama, and work of raising her up.  The empty nest is looming, and we are looking forward to it, and dreading it.  We'll miss these times, but look forward to new things, new routines and maybe a little less responsibility! 

Hopefully now, I'll be posting more projects here.  (But track season starts tomorrow.....) 

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