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Thursday, July 12, 2018

New Projects coming up!'s been a long two days working at the quilt shop (Threads That Bind).  I finished quilting a shop sample on our rental long arm machine - Lenni.
Isn't it pretty?  I didn't make the quilt top, just quilted it.  I've been going back and forth as to whether I want to transition into owning a long arm machine myself.  After using this, I realize that I do like the freedom of using my Juki for the quilting.  In order to quilt those squares I either had to make sure I had the quilt rolled just right or re-roll in the middle of the block.  On my Juki I don't have to worry about that.  On the other hand, doing all the outlining was a breeze on the long arm!  For right now I am thinking since I have access to this machine, I don't really need to have one of my own.  Here's a close up of the various quilting motifs I did.
I did all the quilting free motion - outlining the floral design in the main print, clamshells in the blue, swirls in the green and a wavy grid in the yellow.  The swirls were the hardest!  Interestingly, the swirls are one of the easiest designs for me when I'm quilting on my Juki.  I think it's just the different way the machines work!

I brought home some of these to make a shop sample.  This is Botany by Kelly Ventura for Windham Fabrics.  Love the colors in this!

Today is a catch-up day at home, then hopefully a good weekend of working on some quilting projects!  One of the side effects of working so many hours at the shop is that it makes me want to make more quilts, so I have ideas bursting out of my head - need to get them down on paper so I don't forget!

I'm also catching up on my blog reading this morning.  You definitely want to check out the Creative Spaces Blog Hop that started this week!  I love knowing that I'm not the only one whose sewing studio looks like a hot mess!  I actually forced myself to clean up one side of mine last week because I could barely walk in there.  I can sum up my mess with one phrase:  "too much stuff!"  But I love it all!  I am gleaning some great tips from the blogs on the hop, though, so maybe there is hope for my problem!

I drew the winner for my Island Batik Scrap Bag!  Congrats to Collette - I'm putting together the package today and will get it out in the mail shortly. Thanks to everyone for participating!  Lots of fellow blue fans out there, but a lot of votes for the other colors as well.

Have a colorful day!

Thursday, October 03, 2013

Running Around

Ha - in more ways than one today was a running day.  Thursday mornings my husband and I go out and get some exercise by doing about a half hour of running and walking at the high school track.  We run on the field because it's easier on our bodies.  I guess we're getting old enough to be worried about those sorts of things....but it's good exercise and we enjoy doing it together.

After that it was home for breakfast, a shower and I was running off to the quilt shop to help finish getting ready for a big sale that is starting tomorrow.  I got to help a customer choose fabric for the quilt she is making using the block of the month I am doing for the shop.  I was very pleased that she had made a block from the current months pattern and said she could follow my instructions to make her first paper pieced block!  Woohoo!  I was really stressing over whether a beginner could follow them well enough to actually understand how to do paper foundation piecing, so I was thrilled that she did it.

Home for lunch, relaxed and did some reading this afternoon.  Fixed dinner and then ran off again!  To a quilt guild meeting.  So fun!  We had four different demos going at once and we all rotated around to the different ones.  One was a cute appliqued pumpkin nametag.  Another was a microwavable bowl holder (which could also serve as an ice cream bowl cozy).  I made a cute little finger pincushion at a different one, and the last was for two color binding.  Since I got there late I ended up at a table by myself, but was joined by a new member.  The funny thing is we both have long hair and were wearing it in similar styles - we were asked several times if we were sisters :)  So I have a new quilting sister now!  I volunteered to make three blocks for our raffle quilt for 2014, so that will be fun.

This is the quilt I brought for Show and Tell -
I made this as one of my Project Quilting challenges this year.  The challenge was to make a quilt with a square in a square block.  I added to the challenge by making it all from stash.  Even the back - 
Oops - sorry it's sideways!  Anyway - I love the way the back came out!  If I had more time I would have made it even bigger and combined the back with the front, but I needed to finish it by the deadline.  I do think I will add more quilting to it, though.  

After all the RUNNING around today....I'm ready for bed!  Time for some rest so I can do some sewing tomorrow.

Thursday, October 16, 2008

Shop Samples

I took my camera last week to document some of the samples I have hanging in Threads That Bind right now. Some of them will be coming home soon, so it's time to create some new ones! This one is just a simple border I added to a panel. The panel is really cute, and it's made to be customized with a name, address and initial in a heart on the tree.
This is the paper lantern sample I made from a pattern. Isn't that orange geisha next to it wonderful? It is from a series of four different ones. Very dramatic, and lovely.

This is the dancing fans quilt that I made last year - I'll be taking it home soon and adding it to my Etsy shop! It is a beauty, so I'm thinking it will have a new home very quickly. I'm not much on orange, but this quilt is so attractive that it almost makes me wish that it would look nice in my house (unfortunately it would look very out of place in my country house!).
And the final picture today is of one of my original design, All Seasons Basket. The blue and yellow is a spring version and the Brown is the fall one. I'm currently working on a very elegant looking Chrismas version with a fabric featuring partridges in pear trees! It will be very lovely. I have many patterns printed up of this quilt, so I just need to get to get busy selling it- one of the to do list of things I have that's about a mile long. It's been selling nicely at the shop here, so I think it's a winner! My next pattern I'm working on is for my quilted journal covers. Just needs some tightening up and I'll have that one ready to market.
I really enjoy working at the shop, it's a great outlet for me, and Sharan has been such an encouragement in my life. I appreciate her so much for all she's done for me. I have learned so much from working there, not to mention developing a taste for the wonderful fabrics that we have! It's a wonderful thing to have a job that is enjoyable, challenging and fun, and I am truly thankful that I am so blessed.

Saturday, April 26, 2008

Paper Lantern Quilt on the Lennie

This is a sample I've been working on for Threads That Bind. It is a Jason Yenter pattern using fabric designed by Kumiko Sudo. They are beautiful fabrics, not only in their soft pastel colors, but their feel is also wonderful, very soft and silky (got to love quilt shop fabrics, I must say!)

The pattern features 30 of these blocks, but we decided 4 blocks would be perfect because that is how many fabrics we ordered to go with the border and the peachy color sashing! It was fairly easy to make, but I'd most likely get very bored making 30 of these blocks - and all the cutting of small squares to make those lantern points (done in a sew and flip technique).

I finished up the Paper Lantern sample and brought it in to the shop yesterday when I went to work. Sharan suggested that I go and quilt it up on the Lennie since there was nothing much that needed done, so off I went. It's been a while since my lesson, so I had some trouble mounting it, but I did get the job done (though it took quite a while to accomplish it!). The quilting - went all right, but not up to my standards, yet. I think it's going to take quite a bit more practice before I would ever consider doing one for hire on it, but who knows.

We thought clamshells would look nice as it is an oriental quilt. I did a combination of pantograph quilting on the outside border with free-hand quilting for the inner blocks. I think I would have been a little better off had I loaded the quilt the opposite direction of what I did - the clamshells were quilted up-side down, so it was a little different to get the feel of. I also discovered that it's very hard to make a nice diagonal line on a long arm machine! You can go up-down, and you can go side-side, but those diagonals just go wild on you. Sharon says you need to use a ruler for that, so next time I will try it! I did get a better feeling for the stitch regulator, and feel more comfortable with that now, so that is a good thing.

Overall it looks quite nice, though I did miss a spot!

Friday, April 11, 2008

Not Much Quilting Going On

Well, there hasn't been a whole lot of quilting going on here lately, but there has been a lot of dress hemming, and working at the quilt shop! (There also hasn't been a lot of progress on the Walking in this World book either, but I promise to get back on that and finish it up in May.

Here is picture of me at Threads That Bind, taken on my new cell. I'm not as skilled at the girls are at self portraits, but it's acceptable! I will be glad for next week when I don't have to work so many hours and I'll hopefully have time for some quilting. I bought fabric for a quilt for Asher, but I haven't had any time to work on it.

Friday, October 05, 2007

Time to Relax!

I am really ready for the week-end! After going through a whole week of getting up at 6:00 to get the girl ready for volleyball, three days of Ladies Retreat, then another whole week of 6:00 a.m., I am ready for a day to sleep in. I may even sleep until (gasp!) 8:00. Who knows? Not to mention that I worked all day today at the quilt shop. All I have to do tomorrow is hem a skirt. After that the day is mine. I had an idea for a little art quilt while walking yesterday, so I am eager to try that out.

Yesterday was quilting day - on Thursday afternoon I get together with a group of friends to sew and chat. We are working on a quilt to give to a friend of ours who is leaving. We actually only had the idea a couple of weeks ago, so we haven't had a lot of time to work on it. We decided to do a simple 9-patch set on point with sashing and cornerstones. The back has signature blocks so that more people can participate in the project since we didn't have enough time for a group sewing project. We actually got the top together yesterday. It took five of us - two sewers, an organizer (and ripper!), an ironer, and a fetcher! It was fun, and the top is very pretty - nice and cheerful. I think it's fun to work on a project like this, just quick sewing with very little thinking. We are planning to get the top and backing together on tuesday, then I will have a couple of days to get it quilted and bound, and it will be presented next weekend! I do love a challenge, and I will try to be graceful and not gripe about it next week when I want to do something else, but have to finish the quilt!

This is the quilt I finished last week. It has a story - but then again, don't they all! A man came down to the quilt shop, interested in having a nautical quilt made. After speaking to him, I told him that I would come up with a design, then we could discuss it the next week. I got so excited about my design, that I decided to go ahead and make the quilt, and if he wanted it that would be great, and if not I could hopefully sell it or use it as a gift. I talked to the man, and he decided that what he really wanted is for me to sew a cover onto his down blanket.

At this point I decided that I was going to try to get out of this job because it was definitely not going as I had planned, but I got talked into seeing it through. In the end it was a bit of a pain, but the look on this man's face when he saw what I had done was entirely worth it! He was grinning ear to ear at his recovered duvet with lighthouses on it and the matching pillow shams - it made me glad to be able to make his day! And now I have a lovely nautical quilt for sale in my Etsy shop! I'm sure it will end up in the right home for it also.

Happy week-end everyone - get some rest!

Sunday, August 12, 2007

Day of Rest

I am officially taking today off as a day of rest. I worked all day Friday and Saturday at the shop as Sharan is off at a Quilt Show. I have 16 tote bags to make next week, and two sets of quilt blocks to sash and border, as well as a small stack of jeans to hem. Plus I have to work a half day tomorrow and go to the dermatologist to get a mole checked out. So I figure I really need a day to not be busy.

I was excited to hear that two of the Hawaiian Star kits we made have sold already! Looks like we will have to get some more of the background fabric so we can make up some more kits. Either that or I will be getting to take my top home sooner that I thought. That would be nice! I do have all my pictures up in my webshots album so you can see how the star all came together. I need to get better at documenting as I go - I get excited about sewing, and forget everything else.

I've been cleaning up my studio a bit today, and inventoried my stuff from my Etsy shop - I had given out a few of my little wallets and not taken them down from the site, so now it's all cleaned up and back in order again. It's nice to just putter around and not be pushed to accomplish anything. I did a little reading and made a to-do list for tomorrow. And spent way too much time fooling around on-line!

I really need to re-organize my studio, I'm still not totally happy with the layout, but really cannot think of anyway to make it better. I just need another room, that's all there is to it! Actually I probably just need to get rid of all the stuff I'm really not using, but we all know how that goes. After I get this next set of projects done I think I want to work on getting some tops quilted. I have two queen sized quilts that are basted and just need to be quilted. One of them is for the quilt show in september, so that will have to be a priority. I need to figure out what in the world I want to quilt on it. It is a block swap, and I've sewn the blocks into a large star design so there are some fairly large areas to quilt in, plus the blocks and borders to do also. I really want to do something custom, and not just an overall, but I can't think of what will work. Maybe I should get it out and stare at it for a while to get inspired - sometimes that works.

Pamela - who is happy to have a quiet day!