Saturday, April 26, 2008

Paper Lantern Quilt on the Lennie

This is a sample I've been working on for Threads That Bind. It is a Jason Yenter pattern using fabric designed by Kumiko Sudo. They are beautiful fabrics, not only in their soft pastel colors, but their feel is also wonderful, very soft and silky (got to love quilt shop fabrics, I must say!)

The pattern features 30 of these blocks, but we decided 4 blocks would be perfect because that is how many fabrics we ordered to go with the border and the peachy color sashing! It was fairly easy to make, but I'd most likely get very bored making 30 of these blocks - and all the cutting of small squares to make those lantern points (done in a sew and flip technique).

I finished up the Paper Lantern sample and brought it in to the shop yesterday when I went to work. Sharan suggested that I go and quilt it up on the Lennie since there was nothing much that needed done, so off I went. It's been a while since my lesson, so I had some trouble mounting it, but I did get the job done (though it took quite a while to accomplish it!). The quilting - went all right, but not up to my standards, yet. I think it's going to take quite a bit more practice before I would ever consider doing one for hire on it, but who knows.

We thought clamshells would look nice as it is an oriental quilt. I did a combination of pantograph quilting on the outside border with free-hand quilting for the inner blocks. I think I would have been a little better off had I loaded the quilt the opposite direction of what I did - the clamshells were quilted up-side down, so it was a little different to get the feel of. I also discovered that it's very hard to make a nice diagonal line on a long arm machine! You can go up-down, and you can go side-side, but those diagonals just go wild on you. Sharon says you need to use a ruler for that, so next time I will try it! I did get a better feeling for the stitch regulator, and feel more comfortable with that now, so that is a good thing.

Overall it looks quite nice, though I did miss a spot!

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