Thursday, October 03, 2013

Running Around

Ha - in more ways than one today was a running day.  Thursday mornings my husband and I go out and get some exercise by doing about a half hour of running and walking at the high school track.  We run on the field because it's easier on our bodies.  I guess we're getting old enough to be worried about those sorts of things....but it's good exercise and we enjoy doing it together.

After that it was home for breakfast, a shower and I was running off to the quilt shop to help finish getting ready for a big sale that is starting tomorrow.  I got to help a customer choose fabric for the quilt she is making using the block of the month I am doing for the shop.  I was very pleased that she had made a block from the current months pattern and said she could follow my instructions to make her first paper pieced block!  Woohoo!  I was really stressing over whether a beginner could follow them well enough to actually understand how to do paper foundation piecing, so I was thrilled that she did it.

Home for lunch, relaxed and did some reading this afternoon.  Fixed dinner and then ran off again!  To a quilt guild meeting.  So fun!  We had four different demos going at once and we all rotated around to the different ones.  One was a cute appliqued pumpkin nametag.  Another was a microwavable bowl holder (which could also serve as an ice cream bowl cozy).  I made a cute little finger pincushion at a different one, and the last was for two color binding.  Since I got there late I ended up at a table by myself, but was joined by a new member.  The funny thing is we both have long hair and were wearing it in similar styles - we were asked several times if we were sisters :)  So I have a new quilting sister now!  I volunteered to make three blocks for our raffle quilt for 2014, so that will be fun.

This is the quilt I brought for Show and Tell -
I made this as one of my Project Quilting challenges this year.  The challenge was to make a quilt with a square in a square block.  I added to the challenge by making it all from stash.  Even the back - 
Oops - sorry it's sideways!  Anyway - I love the way the back came out!  If I had more time I would have made it even bigger and combined the back with the front, but I needed to finish it by the deadline.  I do think I will add more quilting to it, though.  

After all the RUNNING around today....I'm ready for bed!  Time for some rest so I can do some sewing tomorrow.

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