Sunday, October 06, 2013

Blue and Silver Christmas Round Robin

I'm keeping up my momentum and working away at my rather impressive pile of UFO's. Today I finished this one, it's a round robin quilt I started with a group of friends years ago.  I've been dragging it out and working on it in bits, but finally have it finished!  It's got a nice array of quilting on it - and I am quite pleased with myself. 
If you have never participated in a round robin, I would highly recommend it!  For this one there were only four of us and we were all making Christmas quilts.  We didn't have any rules for the different rounds, just do what you like.  Each of us had an ideal finished size as the only guideline.  I did the beginning feathered star on mine.  My colors were blue, white, silver, with just a bit of red.  I added the last border after a lot of searching for the right fabric.  It's a pretty piece with a village scene and trees.  I had to cut all my borders just right so everything would be right side up - I don't often make quilts with an up and down so it was a bit tricky!  I did feather quilting on the star.  You really can't see it at all in the blue because of the matching thread, but the white shows up pretty well.  It's not perfect, but it was good practice!

All the borders are really special!  The first border looks like prairie points, but all those triangles are appliqued!  I just quilted that border stitch in the ditch.  The next border has the same dark blue as the triangles in my star.  I had a hard time finding thread to go with the red, but eventually settled on a shiny Sulky rayon thread.  Then I didn't know how to quilt the blue squares.  I thought I would try some free from snowflakes in silver thread.  Worked great!  They actually look more like bows on packages, but I like it.
The white border with squares was fun (and challenging) to quilt.  I was going for a "frost" kind of inspiration.  I was really pleased with the results!
The final border is just done with swirls because it doesn't really show.  The binding worked out nicely.  It was a blue batik with swirls of white dots.  I think they look kind of like snow!  Isn't the fabric pretty?
Excuse my darkish pictures.  I didn't finish until after 6 and I lost the good light!  But I did want to get pictures.  I'll try for some better ones later this week.  I was just excited to get this done and wanted to post it!

I've got several custom orders to work on next week, but do have one more quilt that is basted and partly quilted to finish up.  Yay for productive weekends!

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