Saturday, October 05, 2013

Winter Solstice Quilt Finished

Despite a night of little sleep (poor DH was not feeling so well!) I got myself together this afternoon and finished quilting up my shop sample of Winter Solstice.  I'm pretty happy with it - I was trying out some different quilting designs, so there was a bit of a learning curve and some ripping out.  In the end it came out and I will be using it in my Beginner Free Motion Quilting class to show some things you can do with basic meandering, loops and spirals.
 I suspect that it was a mistake to quilt the background first.  I had a few issues with extra fullness in some spots and I think I might have avoided that by quilting the other sections first.
Love doing those loop the loops to fill the triangles - I only got mixed up in the direction I was going one time :)
 Not the best example of my free form feathering, but overall they look really good!  They don't have to be perfect because they are all unique and handmade!
And a peek at the back.  I love the look of all the different quilting designs on the back.  This is going to be awesome when it gets washed, I just love all the crinkly goodness of a washed quilt, do you?  The next quilt up for finishing is my Christmas round robin that will go on my futon this year for the holidays!  I got out the burgundy thread and even did a few stitches while dinner was cooking.  I am really ready to cross this one off my list, and  I'm getting through the list pretty fast. Then it'll be time to start a new one.  List, that is.  There are plenty of quilt tops, and UFO's around here for several!

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