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Wednesday, April 02, 2014

WIP Wednesday - April Showers and Glamping Table Runners

After a busy couple of weeks we are ready to get back into a more "normal" routine around here.  Which means going out and walking and running, watching a bit of TV to catch up on our DVR'd shows and making regular meals...I was content eating leftovers all week while DH was away, but he kind of likes to have a nice meal now and then!  I did manage to finish two new table runners over the weekend and got them quilted this week - they are both from patterns I have available for sale, I just wanted some updated samples to show them off!

This first one uses my Cobblestones Pattern.  So easy to make, and a great way to show off a charm pack with some planned randomness!  I used April Showers by Bonnie and Camille.  I really love their look, very retro with lovely colors.  I figured it would be an appropriate choice for this pattern, and it surely was!  I quilted this with a pretty green thread in a design I learned in an online class by Angela Walters on quilting Negative Spaces.  It's fun to do something new and not in my usual mode, and I think it is lovely.  The thread is Essentials thread, so it's a little heavier and lays nicely on top of the quilt allowing the quilting to pop just a bit.  Cotton batting, and a pretty gingham binding.  The backing I found in my stash -Lilies of the valley on a blue background.  Perfect!

For the second table runner I used my Windmills Pattern and a Glamping Charm Pack.  This line is by Mary Jane Butters for Moda.  It's also a retro looking print (guess that's my happy place right now!).  Lots of blues and pinks and cute little vintage campers.  The focus prints feature little blips of print, my favorite is Camp Like a Girl!  That really sums up the idea of Glamping doesn't it?  Fun stuff!  I quilted this with a creamy white Essentials thread and I did the same quilting I've done previously on samples of this runner.  Swirls in the white and pinweels and straight lines in the border.  I used a pink shot cotton on the back and was not really thrilled with it.  It's lovely and soft, and would be perfect for a snuggle quilt, but I like a little more body in my runner backings.  I found a pretty aqua for the border and used up the last bit from my stash - yeah!

Here is the top from my March UFO Challenge.  I was going to quilt it as is, but it may be starting a new life as the center of a special quilt I was asked to make.  I just have to find out if cats will be good on this project and I will be off and running turning this into a lap quilt instead of a wall hanging.

For April my UFO project will Blue and Yellow round robin.  This one will take a bit of thinking to decide what I want to do with it.  Right now the quilt measures 60 inches square.  The original concept was to make this into a curtain for the closet in my sewing room.  I don't want to do that, it's a little too bold for that and I would have have to either make a roman shade out of it or cut in into two panels and I don't want to do that either!  I might just quilt this one and call it finished.  We'll see.  

As usual, check in at the Quiltsy Team blog for more WIP's by some of the best quilters on Etsy :)  I'm off to the quilt shop for work....I'll be cutting some strips for jelly rolls today, fun!

Monday, December 09, 2013

Catching up and Giving Away!

****The Giveaway has ended and the winner is Piroska Blanchette!  Congratulations, Piroska, I have e-mailed the patterns to you!****

Well, I have been as busy as usual, I'm working on a quilt that is taking me quite a bit longer than I had planned on, so I have been working petal to the metal all week long.  It's coming along and I see light at the end of the tunnel, so hopefully I'll have something interesting to blog about soon!

I didn't want to miss Giveaway day - I've had so much fun participating in the past!  It's always hard to decide what to use for a Giveaway, but this year I thought I would send the winner a set of all 5 Charm Square table runner patterns that I have designed!  Since I will e-mail these as a set of PDF files anyone in the world is eligible to win, all you need is an e-mail address (so make sure you are not a no-reply blogger so I can get the prize to you easily!)

I will choose a random number from the comments on this post - just let me know which one of my Charm Square patterns is your favorite by December 13, and I'll announce the winner by the 15th!

My favorite one is Windmills, I just love this version that I made using a Fandango charm pack.  I have a charm pack of Bobbins and Bits that I plan to use to make a table runner with this pattern, I really think it will be pretty as well!  All of my charm square table runners are fun projects that go together quickly, so even if you are a beginner sewer I am confident that you can create a beautiful project with any of them - plus, if you want to make table runners for sale with my patterns, I have no problem with that (though I love when you give me credit for the design!)

I have some more ideas for projects using charm packs, but as you are likely to hear me say - "Too many projects, not enough time"!  Oh, well, I do make notes, so eventually I think I will have time, at least for some of them.

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Thanks again for joining me on my giveaway - go check out the SewMamaSew blog for lots more opportunities to win!  For supplies go here, and for handmade items check here.