Seashore Splendor

Block One:  Lady of the Lake

Block Two:  One Fish, Two Fish

Block Three:  SailBoat

Block Four:  Lighthouse

Block Five:  Lost Ship

Block Six:  Flying Home

Block Seven:  Sole and Flounder

Block Eight:  Tugboat

Block Nine:  Snail's Trail

Block Ten:  Summer Winds

Block Eleven:  Ocean Waves

Block Twelve:  House by the Bay

Block Thirteen:  Storm At Sea

Block Fourteen:  Anchor

Block Fifteen:  Double Windmill

Block Sixteen:  Momma Fish and Baby Fishies

Block Seventeen:  Finny fish

Block Eighteen:  Whale Tail

Block Nineteen:  Signal Flag Filler Blocks

Lesson Twenty:  Assemble the Top

Are you missing block patterns?  Just go look in the Seashore Splendor section of my Payhip Shop to find all of them!  Make sure you download them before Jan 1 - I'll be bundling them into a paid pattern at that point.

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Here's our progress up to the most recent block posted:
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Anonymous said...

Hi was wondering if we are going to get more blocks?

Charla M. Billings said...

I cannot get my #16 Fishes to download. I've got all the others and don't want to miss a block. What can I do?

For the love of geese said...

I really need to figure out where I left on this and get it finished.