Monday, September 30, 2019

Seashore Splendor Block 16 - Momma Fish and Baby Fishies

I am sorry I've kept you waiting for this block, it's been a super busy month!  Hopefully you spent the time catching up if you are behind, and are ready to get going again as I am.  This block is a super easy and fast one, and when finished is 18 inches wide and 12 inches high.  It's actually a trio of blocks, one made in a 12 inch size and two in a 6 inch size.
These blocks are made using just two sizes of triangles.  You will have a few leftover triangles from the cutting, but hang onto those and we'll be using them in the filler blocks.  I'll show you how I made my block, then you can download the pattern and get yours going!
Three bright color triangles for each fish.  One is a quarter square triangle, two are the half square triangles.
Three quarter squares and four half squares for the background.  Use medium sea for these - I used a different blue for each of my fish because I am going scrappy.
Sew the two fish half square triangles with two sea triangles.  You can press the seam allowance of one toward the background, and the other toward the fish fabric.  This will help reduce bulk when you sew them together to make the first half of the fish blocks.
Sew the quarter square fish fabric to a quarter square sea fabric.  Press toward the sea fabric.  Now add a quarter square sea to this square, making sure that the corner of the added sea triangle touches the point of the sea fabric in the square:
Then add the final quarter square triangle to this unit to make one larger triangle.

Now sew the remaining half square triangles to the sides of this triangle to make a rectangle.
Sew your two rectangles together and you have a fish!

Sew your two small fish together with the green on top, then sew the fishies so they are swimming after the momma.  That's it!
These go together so fast - hurry up and get them done because the next block will be on it's way next week!  I want to make sure and get caught up so that we are finished by the end of the year - because on January 1 I am starting the Stepping Stones Quilt Along.  I'm excited about that, and I hope you've signed up - check out the link in my sidebar to join in!

Download your pattern, and get sewing!
Download Momma Fish and Baby Fishies Here!

Here is what our quilt looks like so far - this is the last of the large units!


Sue Green said...

Thank you! I love all these blocks.

Susan said...

Thanks for another cute block.