Monday, September 30, 2019

Color Challenge 2019 - October Block

I'm so happy that I am caught up with the 2019 Color Challenge Blocks, and I'm really excited to help present this month's block.  I am loving all the beautiful blocks and colors - the flowers are such an inspiration to me in choosing my fabrics!  This month is definitely a favorite of mine - roses!  So we got to use lovely red fabric for the block.

This block is absolutely a piece of cake to make - I love the fact that it's not an even grid, so the big triangles really look dramatic.  Take a little extra care in matching up those seams and you will have a fabulous block to add to your collection!  My block is made from some of my Island Batik scraps left over from various projects.  I had to dig deep to find red, it's one color I don't have a lot of!  Don't you just love that light?  It's so perfect!

Thanks, Jen for the fun blocks and color inspiration!

To make your own block, head over to Jen's post for the instructions and pattern.

Visit these blogs for more looks at this month's block!  I can't wait to see what they all look like!

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Hope you find some color inspiration today!

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Sarah @ The Quilted Diary said...

I love how your deep red looks like it is spreading into the lighter batik. Very pretty!