Friday, May 10, 2019

Seashore Splendor Block 7

I am back on track now, and am excited to present two blocks for this week!  They are very similar blocks, so it makes sense to do them together - I call them Sole and Flounder.  They are both set on point and go together quickly.  You'll be using your medium Sea blue fabric for both - if you are using the same background for both blocks, save your extra triangle from Sole and use them for the Flounder block.  Pick a green for Sole and red for Flounder.

First is Sole.  The measurements are a little tricky because you have to use 1/8 inch increments, but most rulers do have these, so you'll be ok!  If not, just remember that 1/8 is half of a fourth - so not really that hard to deal with.

I just had to use the fun green fabric for the fish - isn't it fun when the fabric just grabs you and says, "pick me"?

Finger press the center of the side of your block and the setting triangle to get them matched up perfectly.
Press the two opposite sides out, then add the remaining triangles to complete your block.
Flounder is just a little different, we are adding some triangle fins and squares instead of the side rectangles.

Pay attention when sewing those units together, and this block goes together exactly the same way.

Here are my two blocks finished:

Hope you have fun making these blocks, too!  Click the link below to pick up your free pattern:

Fish on Point
Here's the progress we've made on the quilt so far - I think it's fun to see the empty spaces starting to fill in - I'm enjoying seeing your pictures on Instagram and Facebook!  Keep up the good work!  As always, no rush - and the blocks are still available to download in my Payhip store - look in the Seashore Splendor Collection to find any you missed.  Thanks for sewing along with me!

Have a wonderful day!

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Joyce Carter said...

Thank you Pamela. Love the little fishes.