Friday, June 21, 2019

Seashore Splendor Block 10 - Summer Winds

Happy first day of summer!  We have had a lovely few days here - our second oldest daughter has been visiting for a few days with the grandkids and we've just had a great time with them!  They spent the nights camping out in tents in our back yard - their first time sleeping out and they had a fun time.  It made for a busy few days, but it was great.  I did manage to get my block done, too, if you did my Christmas All Year Quilt along last year, you'll recognize this one!

I couldn't resist choosing Summer Winds as part of the sky - the wind this time of year is just part of our seaside life.  Sometimes it drives me a bit crazy, but it keeps us cool and keeps our air fresh and clean so I really shouldn't complain.

On to making the block - after cutting your pieces, start out by making the half square triangles for the corner units.  Make sure to cut off the "dog ears" for a neater looking block!

Make four corner units sing three of the half square triangles as well as the plain dark square.  Press your seams as indicated to make your block easier to assemble.
Next we'll assemble the Flying Geese units.  Use the medium squares and four of the light rectangles for this step.

I like to line them up and cut off the extra fabric in one long swoop!
Press the seam out.
Then add the second corner, finishing up with a light rectangle at the top of the flying goose units.  Press the seam away from the point.

Now you are ready to assemble your block!

Lay it out carefully before sewing - it's easy to get things turned around!

Download your instructions by clicking the link below:

Download Summer Winds Block Here
Here are all the completed blocks so far:

Hope you enjoy making this block - happy first day of summer!

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