Tuesday, August 06, 2019

Seashore Splendor Block 13 - Storm at Sea

I'm running a little behind this time around!  I've been busy getting ready for the Beat the Heat blog hop.  I'll tell you more about that at the end of my post - but right now, lets get busy and I'll show you how to make Block 13 - Storm at Sea.  I've always loved this block because it gives the illusion of curves while being entirely made with straight lines!
For this block we need to use four different blues, so we'll be pulling in one of the sky prints in addition to the three sea prints.  If you've been using scraps, just choose a medium toned print for the fourth color and you'll be good to go!

Notes on cutting - be sure you double check the instructions.  Some of the squares are cut in half, some are cut twice for quarter squares.  If you have a specialty ruler for the rectangle units feel free to use that, or simply follow the instructions for cutting.  The diamond shapes can be cut using the template I've provided with the instructions, and I've also included templates for the half rectangle units as well if you would prefer to use those for cutting.

Lets start out by making the small square in a square units for the corners.  Finger press a crease in the center of the square and the small triangles so you can center the triangles easily. I like to sew opposite sides on before pressing the triangles toward the outside of the block.
Then repeat and add the other side, once again finger pressing to center.
Next add the final set of triangles to complete the corner units.
Repeat these steps to make the large center square.
Now it's time to tackle those rectangles! Make sure to stack them right sides together in pairs while cutting.  this will ensure that you have matching rectangles for both sides of the unit!
By cutting 3/4 of an inch off the tip, you give yourself an easy way to align the half rectangle with the diamond so your points line up correctly.
Let's get these sewn together!  Match the corner of the tip of the triangle with the tip of the "fat" angle of the diamond:
Sew an accurate 1/4 inch seam and press the half rectangle out.  Then sew the dark fabric on the opposite side in the same manner.
Here is what they look like after pressing:
When adding the remaining half rectangles, line up the point of the fat end of the half rectangle with the edge that it sticking out at the pointy end of the diamond.  Make sure you use the right color so that the colors match on the long side of the finished rectangle!

Sew with an accurate 1/4 inch seam - don't worry about that small tip.  It might look like it's not matching right, but wait until you press the piece out to see!  Repeat with light half rectangle and press.  All points should be 1/4 inch from the edge.

Looks great!  Time to sew it all together.  For this block, make sure your rectangles are all turned so that the dark units are toward the center of the block.  I like to pin to get those points lined up.  Don't drive yourself too crazy, because of the angles they are really hard to get absolutely perfect - but the beauty of this block is that even if you are off by just a hair it will still look good if you step back.  Really!
To my eye this looked a little off.  But when you see the whole block:
Looks good!  Click the image below to download your block instructions:

Download Storm at Sea Instructions
Now on to the Beat the Heat Blog Hop!

See the Island Batik Blog Post and enter to win a great prize this week!

My day is on Thursday - can't wait to show you my quilt and make a big announcement!  Don't miss it!

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