Friday, July 05, 2019

Seashore Splendor Block 11 - Ocean Waves

Hello everyone!  It's time for another block for the Seashore Splendor Quilt.  It's back in the water, and down at the very bottom of our quilt for Ocean Waves.  This variation is made from simple half square triangles and two squares and is quick to make using the Magic Eight method for most of the triangles!

You'll be using dark medium and light sea fabrics for this block.  After cutting your pieces, arrange them in color sets for easy sewing.

You will be making 8 triangles at a time out of the two large squares.  This is called the Magic 8 method and it's a great way to make multiple triangles!

Start out by drawing two diagonal lines on the back of your lighter fabric.  Note that I did use directional fabric for this, and that my sharks are going to swimming in different directions.  If you want to use a directional fabric and this will drive you crazy, you can always make your half square triangles individually.
Layer your two squares together with right sides facing and edges even.  Pin the edges, then sew 1/4 inch seams on each side of the lines.
Cut square in half horizontally and vertically, then cut each square on the diagonal between the stitched lines.  Press your triangles open and trim to 3 1/2 inches, and you'll have 8 half square triangle units done in a flash!  Sew the rest of the triangles together and lay out your block.
I like to use the "webbing method of sewing my blocks together.  Sew the left pairs together, leaving them chained as you go.  Then add the next column of squares to the pairs, then the final column.  You end up with your four rows sewn together, all attached by the chains:
All you have to do is sew the rows together and your block is finished!
You can see how the sharks are all swimming in different directions.  Kind of looks like a feeding frenzy! 

Seashore Splendor is looking good so far! 
Don't forget to go download your block pattern!
Download Ocean Waves Block here!
See you in two weeks with the next block!

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