Friday, March 01, 2019

Seashore Splendor - Part Two!

Wow, did two weeks go by fast or what?!  I am excited to have so many following along with my fun project this year - and I can't wait to see your blocks!  This week we are actually making two blocks, as well a bonus block to use for a filler when we put the top together.  I called this block One Fish, Two Fish because we are making two of them.

It's a nice easy block to make - one large and three small Flying Geese units and a couple of squares for each block. When I made my green block I had a brighter green in mind, but I spotted this cool fabric that looked like scales, so it had to go in my quilt!

Sometimes it's hard to see your markings on the back of dark fabrics.  I have an assortment of different colors of marking pencils so I tried pink.  I think yellow would have been more visible, but I managed to get my pieces sewn.  By marking two stitching lines you get an easy bonus triangle from your Flying Geese units.

I recommend pressing the seam between the middle Flying Geese open to reduce the bulk where the tip of the bottom Flying Geese unit meets that seam.  Pinning will help you get an accurate join here.

We'll be making quite a few filler blocks that are 6 1/2 inches as we go.  I like to use up those bits and pieces and this is a good way to do that!
My fish are a bit on the muted side, but I also have some brighter reds and greens that will be popping in as well.  Here are my fish with the filler square.  Looking good!

Here's a look at where we are at - a bit of progress.  I can't wait to see more blocks added!

Download the pattern by clicking the image below and have fun making your blocks!
One Fish, Two Fish Block
Thanks for joining in - if you missed out on the first post you can see it here:  Block One.  I will be keeping all blocks available for the duration of my project, so don't worry, you can always catch up!


Joyce Carter said...

Thank you so much Pamela. These blocks are so cute!

Denise said...

I am loving this already. Thank you Pam