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Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Week Four - 52 Week Challenge

When I saw the title on this quilt pattern, I just had to make it. Crosswalks in Paris? Mais, oui, mon amie!

What a fun quilt to make! It's a strip pattern, just two pages of instructions and super simple to put together. You just make strips, 4-patches, and turn some more strips into flying geese by sewing squares onto rectangles. Oh yeah, now I've got another set of left-over triangles to play with!

My new favorite spot for taking quilt pictures! They come out fairly well, even on overcast days! The only downside is the clutter that sneaks into the edges of my shots - but I am working on that issue. Baby steps, you know!

I quilted it in pink thread with loops and hearts. I could have done something jazzy in those squares, though. I liked making this so much I just might try another one. We'll see.

And a sleek band of black binding to finish it off. Sweet. Yes, I pieced another back - I bought this pink ribbon fabric one day, thinking I would do something different with it, but realized that I was never going to get to that project. There wasn't quite enough for this, though. Then I thought about using just the white for the back, but I really don't much like a plain white backing. Isn't it pretty with the pink, though? I'm happy, and this quilt is now strutting her stuff at the quilt shop, tempting everyone in sight to sign up for my Strip class in two weeks. And to buy some jelly rolls so I can bring her back home and enjoy snuggling on the couch. This one might be a keeper! We'll see!

For more of the 52 week challenge check out Fabric Fascination!

Au Revoir!


Monday, July 26, 2010

Pink Heart Cross Stitch Quilt

Not a very clever title, but sometimes I just don't have words. Not that my husband would agree with that statement, but that's my story and I am sticking to it. At least for today!

I finished this custom quilt order last week, and my customer picked it up today. She was absolutely thrilled with the results and can't wait to show it to her mom, who did the cross stitching. Mom thought this was a table runner, but after looking at it we decided that it is actually the center panel of a quilt. The other two panels would probably have been borders to bring the quilt up to size.

I made two queen size pillow shams to match the quilt by cutting off the top and bottom sections of the long panel. I added Kona Snow to the top and bottom of the borders to make them big enough, bordered the whole thing with 2 1/2 inch pink strips for the flange, then free-motion quilted around the cross-stitching. I added quilted hearts to the plain sections. They are backed with panels of Snow that overlap for the closure.
For the quilt itself I took the large center panel of cross stitching and added a border of pink. The original plan was to simply make the quilt larger by adding a border of Kona Snow, but that was too much white. I designed a border with squares on point to go around it and am very happy with the results - it adds to the quilt without taking the focus away from the lovely center cross-stitch panel.I quilted the outer border with simple diagonal lines. We were trying to stay within a budget, so I didn't do a lot of quilting, but it looks nice. The pink border was quilted with a meander and hearts (using pink thread).I quilted around the motifs in the cross stitch and it really looked nice. I suspect that the lines of french knots may have been intended to be the quilting lines, but we don't know for sure. It took me a while to figure out that the green shape in the hearts is a fleur de lis. It was actually fun to quilt the cross stitch section, except for the french knots. There were several feathered sections stitched in them and it was really hard to stitch by them without stitching through them!

The mom found this panel (unstitched) at a garage sale and spent all winter doing the stitching. It's really a beautiful piece and I am glad that they allowed me to transform it into a finished quilt. I know it will be very much cherished and loved!