Wednesday, December 20, 2023

Holiday Madness!

Tis the season for being busy!  Between holiday events and work to be done, I've been away from my computer more than usual!  

I started out the month with a Ladies Brunch at church!  I flipped a lot of pancakes, and we had a terrific time!  The following week was a fun Bunco party with my friends, and then it was time to get serious and get some projects finished.

The binding was finally sewn on this quilt - the centers of the blocks are cut from baby clothes - and it is so cute!  All the outfits were animal, and nature themed.  It measures 80 x 90.

Then I got this top quilted and sewed the binding on.  These outfits were construction themed, and I loved the fabric I found for the border and backing.

And I finished piecing, quilting and binding this third quilt!  Dinosaurs for this one, and it came out really cute!  

Then for the grand finish, I repaired this lovely vintage quilt for a local customer.  It had a row that had to be removed and new binding sewn on. 

I repaired a good size hole that went clear through the quilt!  I patched the back side first, then added a piece from the cut off row to fill the gap, then patched the front.  I hand quilted it through the patch to hold it all together and you can hardly tell!  (The star lost one of its points in the process, though.)  I also repaired a bunch of popped seams.

I did get a little crazy and made a mini block to remember this quilt by!  The block is Rolling Star, and I found a tutorial by the Fat Quarter Shop to make it in an easier way.  My block is a little different and it's only 3 inches finished!  Fun!  Well, enough procrastinating (or pro-craft-inating).  I've got one more project to finish before Christmas, and that's my Island Batik Ambassador project for December - I'll be showing you that on Friday!

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Anonymous said...

I love that block! And you made it mini how cool is that!