Friday, December 22, 2023

Celebration Table Runner!

 Time for the final Island Batik Ambassador Challenge for 2023!  This challenge called for the ambassadors to make a project of any size for the celebration of our choice.  Island Batik and their partners provided us with all the supplies in the two shipments we received this year.  For this challenge I chose to use some of the foundations that I was provided in my July Ambassador box. 

There are so many holidays to celebrate, but this year my favorite is going to be Christmas for sure - all five of my daughters and their families are coming home!  From Massachusetts, Tennessee, Colorado and Washington, they are coming to celebrate with us, and to say I am excited is definitely an understatement!

It was easy to choose a design, I wrote a pattern back in 2016 that I called Celebration!  Since we are celebrating Christmas, red and green fabrics were also a natural choice!  I had this pretty red and green in my foundations bundle. (Candy and Pinecone Netting).  Mint was perfect for the background!  For the back and binding Turtle was a great choice.  

I used a pale green Aurifil 50 wt thread for piecing, as well as for the quilting.  It's lightweight, yet strong, and makes a nice seam.  For piecing I like to use a size 10 Schmetz Microtex Chrome needle, they are super sharp and make such nice stitches and precise seams!  These needles are long lasting, too! 

It did not take long to make the blocks - only four needed! Isn't the soft mint a nice complement to the red?  

I wasn't sure if the red was too much as a border, so I experimented with adding green on the ends but decided that red all the way around was the best option!  Then I got the backing ready and decided on what batting to use.  Hobb's provided us with a nice assortment, but in the end I went with the Premium Cotton - which is a great all-purpose choice!  It's lightweight and launders well, which is important for something you use on your table!

And now it's done!  The funny thing that I didn't notice is that in my original pattern, the blocks point in, and for this one I pointed them out.  I think it looks good either way, what do you think?  It's always a little tricky making something with directional blocks, especially a table runner.

For the quilting I used the light variegated from the Frangipani Color Builder -Silver Moon (4060)  It has a slight green tone to it, and I liked it on all the colors in this quilt.  I switched needles to a Schmetz size 14 Quilting Chrome.  I find that they do help with skipped stitches!  

Perfect to add to my table - can't wait to have my family gathered around it in a few days!

This is the final challenge for 2013, and I'd like to say thanks and a Merry Christmas to all of the wonderful people behind the Island Batik Ambassador program!  I've enjoyed another creative year of using the wonderful products they have provided!  


Jennifer Schifano Thomas said...

Merry Christmas, Pamela! Your runner is beautiful. I hope you have a wonderful holiday with your family all around.

Brenda @ Songbird Designs said...

Love the Christmas baskets!!

Anonymous said...

Wonderful that you have five daughters to visit!