Tuesday, September 26, 2023

Road Trip Quilt Along Day 52, Horsing Around - Grand Tour

 This block is a good one - Grand Tour!  That's definitely what this trip was!

Today we spent the day visiting some spots from my husband's past.

He worked at Santa Anita as a teenager, and spent many days coming here with his father.  We've been many times as well - always a fun thing to do on vacation!

It's beautiful in the morning, when the horses are working out!  There was no racing today, but that wasn't really why we wanted to pay a visit.  We were able to pay a visit to the backside and see the spot where my husband worked many years ago.  We had fun chatting with some of the trainers, and it was just fun to visit and talk about our memories.

The last time we were here, we saw Zenyata run!  That was super fun!

This is a new horse statue!  Couldn't resist getting a picture!

Then we were on our way to Simi Valley for our last night here before we head north toward home!  It was hard to believe that we had done all the things we wanted to and had such a wonderful trip!  Now for the block:

The three inch block

The six inch block!

And the nine inch block!  This is an easy one, too.  A little tricky to get all those points lined up, but not super hard to make.

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