Wednesday, September 27, 2023

Road Trip Quilt Along Day 53, Paso Robles - Oak Hills Block

 Today's block is Oak Hills.  It makes me think of the rolling hills and trees you see driving up Highway 101.  Very beautiful country!

We could have driven home in just two days easily, but we decided to stretch out the drive and relax for our last few days of vacation.

Good-bye to Simi Valley, time to head for home!

Ah, there is our Pacific Ocean at last!  As much fun as the trip had been I was so glad to see this sight that feel like we are almost home!

So beautiful!

Lots of vineyards along the way, more every time we drive this route.

The beautiful hills along the highway!

Three inch block.

Six inch block

Nine inch block!  Just three more blocks, and we'll be at the end of the Quilt Along!

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