Saturday, August 12, 2023

Road Trip Quilt Along, Day 7 - Pueblo, Homeward Bound Block

For our second day in Pueblo we spent some time walking around the Riverwalk.  It's such a nice area, and a fun way to explore some of the town's history.  We enjoyed the different statues and areas on the walk around.  

This horse was a lot easier to deal with than the horses on the farm he worked at were!  

They've done a great job blending old buildings and newer in this area.  

It's very clean and well kept, too.  Don't know why I didn't take more pictures around the water, though!

A 9/11 memorial.  They have lots of restaurants and shops around here, too.

Oh, here's some water!  This is the Arkansas river.  Kind of murky looking here, though.

Here's my old high school, which when I went was only a year or two old!  Well, that was so long ago that they are building a new one and this one will be gone soon!  I can tell you, that REALLY makes me feel old!

You can see the new school on the left, and the old school on the right.  I guess that makes me old school for sure!  (HAHA)

Today's block is Homeward Bound - easy breezy and no triangles!  I can hear sighs of relief everywhere!  This is the three inch version.  Tiny pieces, but it sews up quickly!

And here is the whole first week in mini size!  So cute!  Tomorrow we'll start another week, one more day in Pueblo, then we'll be heading north, then east for Oklahoma!  Thanks for joining me on this fun road trip - can't believe it's been a whole year since we did it!  I'm enjoying reliving my memories and making all these blocks at the same time!

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