Friday, August 11, 2023

Road Trip Quilt Along Day 6 - Pueblo, Rocky Mountain Puzzle

 This was a pretty restful day - first order of business was to go to the Amazon locker to pick up a cord for my fitbit!  Yep, I didn't pack it, but I didn't want to go without it.  Pretty handy to be able to pick up something on the road!  The second thing we needed to do was to figure out why the check engine light came on.  We called and talked to our local service shop and they advised to check the gas cap, and after three short drives, the light went out again and we were good to go!  Yippee!  (It never came on again, either, thank goodness!)

We drove by my childhood home, which has been moved from its previous address!  It looks totally different, with a changed roofline and no big front porch that was so nice in the summer.  In this, case the saying "you can't go home again" is definitely true!

We took a walk from the house my Mom and Dad lived in after that, the golf course is looking good!

And we visited the hospice my Dad was in during his last few days here on earth.  It was a little sad, but I was ok.  I miss him, but I know he's all right, and we will see each other again.  I'm very glad I got to say goodbye and be with my family during that time.  It was good for me to visit home again, and it wasn't as hard as I thought it might be.  Sometimes you just have to keep moving forward, and before you know it you are past the hard parts.  That happens in quilting, too.  Don't stop because you think something is going to be hard, just go through it and see how it goes!

Block six of our quilt is Rocky Mountain Puzzle.  This was an interesting block I found in EQ8. I redrafted it to remove the extra pieces, though.  Here it is in the 3 inch size.  Those little strips are tiny, but not too hard to sew on.  After that it's just getting all those triangles headed in the proper direction!  This is definitely a block you need to lay out and be careful sewing!

It's easier to get the 9 inch version to lay flat for a picture.  Love the moon and star fabric!  I don't think I have a picture of my 6 inch block, I guess I'll have to add that later.  Tomorrow we'll close out the first set of blocks, and I'll have a new set ready for Sunday.   

Oh, and thankfully I have finally figured out how to fix my email issue!  Now it's set to just send one post at a time instead of 4!  Whew.  After the Quilt Along is over I'll work on changing the template, but for now that's a big win!  Thanks for hanging in there with me!

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