Tuesday, May 09, 2023

A bit of a Muddled Day

 Well, my day did not exactly go as expected, but sometimes you just have to roll with the punches and carry on.  Nothing life altering, just unfortunate timing, or lack of it on my part!  I was expecting to participate in a Zoom presentation, but things got a little mixed up and the timing didn't work out.  Hopefully I can make it another time.  Anyway, I did get my sewing room cleaned up and came up with an awesome solution to hiding the closet behind my sewing table!

Yes, I realize that these quilts aren't the most complimentary, but the great thing is that they can easily be changed out!  The runner at the top is hung from the curtain rod I have hanging in front of the closet opening.  I had a curtain there previously, but it hung too close to my sewing chair and kept bothering me, so I took it down.  

I had curtain clips on another rod outside the door of my sewing room that I use for hanging quilts, and I ordered another bag of them, planning to use them for another purpose.  I realized that hanging a runner from this rod would hide the messy top storage shelf in my closet. 

I loved the way it looked, then had a thought that I could use a tension rod and hang a quilt in the opening of the closet so it would sit back and not bother me in my sewing chair!  And it worked like a charm!

And it's easy to pull back to get at my supplies and containers.  I love it!  The only thing is that now I suppose I will be tempted to work on coming up with a custom quilt for this space - but is that really a problem?  

I did make a sweet little quilt from some scraps.  I found some leftover blocks and put them together to make this little gem.  It was fun!  I've been making a lot of larger projects lately, so it was enjoyable to make something simple and actually finish it in a couple of hours.

Did you see today's Tool Craze Blog Hop Quilts?  They are so nice!

Gail Sheppard, Quilting Gail

Lana Russel, Lana Quilts

Let's hope tomorrow goes more according to plan, though I wouldn't mind a little unexpected sewing time again!

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