Tuesday, June 22, 2021

June Mini Madness 2021 Block 23

 Today's block is very similar to yesterdays block - in fact all the units are the same, but the half triangle four patches are turned 45 degrees and of course, the color scheme is different!  This block is called Schoolgirl's Puzzle.

Cutting instructions:  

For 4 inch block cut one 2 7/8 square dark (cut in half diagonally), three 1 7/8 squares light and five background (cut in half diagonally), and four 1 ½ inch squares background.

For 6 inch block cut one 3 7/8 square dark (cut in half diagonally), three 2 3/8 squares light and five background  (cut in half diagonally), and four 2 inch squares background.

Start out by sewing 6 half square triangle units with your light and background triangles.'

Just like in yesterday's block sew four patch units using four of the half square triangles and the background squares, with the light triangles touching in the center.  Sew a background triangle to te sides of the light half of the remaining half square triangle units to make half of the bird in the air unit.

Sew the large dark triangles to the complete the bird in the air units.  Arrange units in preparation to sewing the block.  Take note, I did not turn one of my four patch units correctly!  The bottom left unit needs to be rotated a quarter turn - yes, I did have to rip this out because I didn't notice.

After a session with the seam ripper, here is my completed block!

So I guess this block ended up being a puzzle for me!  Hope you manage to get yours correct the first time!  See you tomorrow with another block...closing in on the finish, only 7 more to go!

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