Sunday, June 20, 2021

June Mini Madness 2021 Block 21

Today's Mini Madness block is Mosaic number 6 from EQ8!  We'll be using half square triangles to make Birds in the Air units and combining that with the sew and flip technique for the center of the block.

Cutting Instructions:

For 4 inch block, cut two 1 7/8 inch squares and two 2 7/8 inch squares medium (cut in half diagonally).  Cut six 1 7/8 squares (cut in half diagonally) and four 1 ½ inch squares of background.

For 6 inch block, cut two 2 3/8 inch squares and two 3 7/8 inch squares medium (cut in half diagonally).  Cut six 2 3/8 squares (cut in half diagonally) and four 2 inch squares of background.

Start by making half square triangles with four medium triangles and four background triangles.

Next, add two of the remaining backgroud triangles to the sides the the dark triangle to make a large half square triangle:

These will be the same size as the large dark half square triangle units. Sew the pieces triangle to the dark triangles to make a square (2 1/2 inches for the 4 inch block and 3 1/2 inches for the 6 inch block)

You will have four pieced squares, but we are not done yet!

Sew a background square to the corner of each of the large dark triangles using the sew and flip technique.

Trim the extra fabric off, then press.  If you press two of the seams toward the pieced block, you will have an easier time matching the seams for the final assembly.

You can see how the seams are pressed in this view...

Sew together to complete your block.

Just nine more blocks to go!  See you tomorrow with another one!  

Print instructions for blocks 16 - 20 are here:  

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Turid said...

Thank you. I've been away from home since Friday. Coming home later this week to play catch up on these blocks.