Wednesday, June 09, 2021

June Mini Madness 2021 - Block 10

 Woohoo - here we are at day 10 of June Mini madness 2021, which means that we are one third of the way done!  Todauy's block is a fun one - True Lover's Knot.  It looks a lot harder than it is, you will be surprised at how quickly this one goes together!


For 4 inch block, cut eight 1 ½ inch squares of background and four 1 ½ inch squares each of dark and medium plus four 1 inch squares each of dark and medium.

For 6 inch block, cut eight 2 inch squares of background and four 2 inch squares each of dark and medium plus four 1 ½ inch squares each of dark and medium.

Seems like a lot pieces, but once you start sewing, this block will be ready in a flash!  Start out by sewing one of the small squares to a background square using the sew and flip technique.  I like to keep mine all chained together, then line the stitched seam up on a line on my sewing mat.  Measure 1/4 inch from the seam then - off with the whole line of triangles at once!

Then press the triangles toward the outside of the blocks.

Match the background units with the solid squares and make four bow tie blocks with them.  

These will sew together to make the finished block!  Super easy, right?  

OOPS - I forgot to get a picture of the finished block, so I'll add that to tomorrow's post.  

I am interested in making a whole quilt of this block, too - I played in EQ8 and really like it set on point like this:

I'm thinking it might be fun using 30's reproduction prints and scrappy!

Here's the link to the video of me making the True Lover's Knot Block

I have a question for you - I've noticed very few views for the videos, so I'm thinking that if the videos aren't something that people are very interested in that I would rather spend my time doing something else.  Let me know if you really like them and want me to continue, otherwise I think I will change course and save myself the work!  Thanks so much :)

See you tomorrow with Block 11!


Turid said...

Thank you for today's block. Funny you ask about the videos. I've not seen them, as I know how to sew those blocks. But today I had to, as your log post didn't have the measurement of the pieces. I found that in your film.

Kelly Dee said...

I don't need a video, just cutting and fabric instructions. Your blog posts have all the right pictures and explanations. Thank you.