Thursday, June 10, 2021

June Mini Madness 2021 - Block 11

 Apologies for omitting the cutting instructions for yesterday's block - I think this month is catching up with me.  I've added them to the post, so you can find that here:  Block 10 instructions.  So sorry!

Block 11 is an interesting one - I've changed the way the block is constructed in EQ8 and used the sew and flip method to make this block a breeze to cut and sew!


For 4 inch blocks, cut two 2 7/8 squares (cut in half diagonally) of dark and background, and eight 1 ½ inch squares medium.

For 6 inch blocks, cut two 3 7/8 squares (cut in half diagonally) of dark and background, and eight 2 inch squares medium.

Sew the dark and background half square triangles together to make four 2 1/2 (3 1/2) inch squares.  Trim the dog ears off.

The next step is to sew a 1 1/2 (2) inch square to each corner of the pieced squares.

Trim off the excess, and press the corners out for two of the squares, and carefully press the seam allowances toward the center on the other two squares.  This will allow you to nest the seams nicely when you assemble the blocks.

I have the pdf ready for blocks 6 - 10, you can download them here:

I decided to go ahead and complete the rest of the videos, but I won't have time to work on them for a couple of days.  I'll post them when I get them done, but will continue to post the written instructions each day.  

See you tomorrow!

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Turid said...

Wow,I just noticed that i turned the blocks the wrong way around when joining. I might have to make another one.