Friday, May 21, 2021

Are you ready for some June Mini Madness?

 I must say that this time last year I was definitely feeling a little crazy, and the June Mini Madness that followed definitely made things a lot more bearable!  This year I'm feeling a lot better, but I think that another round of Mini Madness will be just as enjoyable.  Are you ready?

This is last years quilt made with 3 inch blocks.  This year I'm changing it up a bit and we'll be making a variety of 4 inch blocks.  Most of them are different, though some of my favorites will make a new appearance.  (Of course I'll include the 6 inch sizes as well because it's always good to have options!)

I'll be using these lovely Island Batik basics for my quilt this year.  If you want to join in as well, you will need a light, a medium and a dark, as well as a background fabric, sashing and border fabric.  You can use any colors that you like - scrappy is always a fun option in my book!

Want to join in?  Just sign up and you will get an email right away with the fabric requirements, and one each day in June with a new quilt block:

 Sign up for June Mini Madness 2021


spacer said...

Does this mean I better get last year's at the top of my quilting pile? It is even sandwiched.

geri.glazier said...

I'm ready

Ellirain said...

I actually finished 2 versions last year! I love them both, and look forward to doing this year's, too!