Thursday, December 17, 2020

Quilting Dear Jane Column 9

 Woohoo!  Another day in the books working on Dear Jane - which feels less and less crazy by the day!  I turned the quilt over and just about swooned when I saw how gorgeous the back is amazing!

Here's the front.  You can see that I have stitched the outline for the scallops.  So exciting, one more step toward the finish!
So today's column had the usual stitch in the ditch outlines.
Some curvy outlines and melons.

I combined both in some blocks.
So many fun fabrics!  They remind me of various projects from the past - and of the friends that I spent time with while making many of them.
I love how the middle one in this section came out!  
And I think I've decided how I want to quilt the scallops.  I think the wishbones will look really nice!  This makes my fifth column, so that puts me at a bit over 1/3 of the way done with the quilting already.  Moving right along!  I'm hoping I'm not boring you too much with all the Dear Jane posts - I do have my Island Batik Challenge coming along as well, so I'll be sharing that soon and it will be a good change of pace.

Plus that, it makes it easy for me to keep up with the 30 day blogging challenge!  You should pay a visit and see what everyone else is blogging about this month.


Kathleen said...

I am so impressed! It looks lovely.

Quilting Gail said...

Hi Pamela,
The back is amazing! LOVELY!!!
And the quilting on the front looks pretty good as well!
Happy Quilting! :-)

Pamela Arbour said...

That is amazing. You are doing a great job. Impressive

Kelly Dee said...

Wow,the back really helps to see all the fun quilting design work you are accomplishing.

Emily said...

Wow, that back is amazing! This is heirloom worthy!